RAE  January to May 2021 – West Rand Amateur Radio Club

Organiser: Stephan Reynolds ZS6SJR,  zs6sjr@gmail.com
Venue: WRARC, Kroton Street South Beyond cul-de-sac, Weltevreden Park
Time: 6:00pm for 6:30 pm start.

Practical Classes: Saturdays from 09:00 – 13:00




SARL and ICASA Fees                     R500.00 / R400.00 Payable to the SARL (R400 if under 25 years)

WRARC membership                       R80.00 Payable to WRARC  (Scholars)

WRARC membership                       R125.00 Payable to WRARC  (Students)

WRARC membership                       R90.00 Payable to WRARC (Pensioners)

Tuition fees                                         R200.00 Payable to WRARC

VHF Ground plane antennae         R200.00  Payable to WRARC  (optional)

HF Inverted “V” for 40 meters      R250.00  Payable to WRARC (optional)

Dipole dual bander                          R250.00 Payable to WRARC (optional)

Bazooka HF antenna                       R380.00  Payable to WRARC (optional)