What is Amateur Radio

Amateur Radio, also known as “ham radio”, is a hobby with a difference. It allows radio enthusiasts to transmit to other amateurs and experiment with all aspects of radio.

A write-up from the ARRL website

The world of amateur radio includes:

  • Communicating with  other  amateurs  around the corner, and around the globe
  • Experimenting   with electronics,   antennas, receivers and transmitters
  • Linking radio equipment to computers and the Internet
  • Using handheld and in‐car radios to talk while mobile                                                           
  • Making distant contacts, including the International Space Station
  • Contests,  field  events,  emergency communications,  data,  television,satellites, Morse code, and much more
  • Emergency  Communications  (Hamnet)

 If you have an interest in any aspect of radio, communications or electronics, then this could be the hobby for you. There are many amateur radio clubs all around the country that offer training courses to help you join the ranks of the world’s amateur radio community.


Have a look at this video below for more information. It was created by the RSGB (Radio Society of Great Britain)


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