History of the West Rand Branch / Club





 In response to a request by the Headquarters of the South African Radio League for the various branches to forward copies of their branch histories to Cape Town, the West Rand branch Committee requested me to assist in compiling the branch history. The oldtimers all agreed to assist in obtaining material for this formidable task however, we were surprised at the response and had not realised how proud, enthusiastic and keen the old West Rand hams are of their branch. Om Piet van Wyk ZS6AJN in QSO with OM Johnny ZS6AGQ made a tape recording to give me a jumping off point. This was followed by notes, log extracts, an old call book and a pile of old Radio ZS’s from OM Jack Startup ZS6OQ. OM Bob Innes ZS6RQ handed me a sack full of old branch records. This wealth of information was set down in chronological order to form a skeleton on which to build the history of the West Rand Branch of the South African Radio league.

This skeleton was distributed to OM’s Jack ZS6OQ, Piet ZS6AJN, George ZS6KW Charles ZS6IM, Dave ZS6ACC, Pottie ZS6GW, Stan ZS6BLC, ? who filled in the gaps, added callsigns, names, and events, and pointed out errors. To them we owe the unfolding story of the Westrand branch. The history is divided into chapters titled:

1. Birth of the Branch

2. Roodepoort Phase

3. Bodenstein Street

4. The Clubhouse (Old Gallo Centre)

5. The Pumphouse (Kroton Street)

The following hams have contributed to this history:-

Jack Startup ZS6OQ, Pete ZS6AJN, Johnny ZS6AGQ, George Eva ZS6KW, Koos Potgieter ZS6GW, Stan Flack ZS6BLC, Dave Lloyd ZS6ACC, Ron Cadecott ZS6BHH, Geoff Levey ZS6C             (ADD MORE NAMES AS THEY CONTRIBUTE)



  Birth of the West Rand Branch

The following was taken from the Radio ZS December 1948. It replaces a lot of the original text below. Please combine both into one.

On the 4th November 1948 amateur radio in South Africa advanced a step further when the West Rand Branch of the League was formed.

The inaugural meeting was held at OM, Max -Pickett’s (ZS6LG) residence, where enthusiastic members gathered in their numbers.

On request, OM Bob Taylor (ZS6CO) temporarily took the chair and, explained the objects of the meeting and to “tune-in” on the feelings of those present on the questing of the formation of a new branch. When the vote was taken in was found that the unanimous opinion was in favour of the proposal and it was decided to approach Council for the recognition of  the West Rand Branch of the League with jurisdiction within the  magisterial districts of Roodepoort, Krugersdorp and Randfontein.

After OM  Van del’ Merwe (ZS6AB) had read extracts from  the League’s Constitution it was decided to go over to the election of the branch committee, and the following were,elected:- Charles Olivier,ZS6KP (Chairman); Tinus Potgieter, ZS6IV (Vice-Chairman);  Henk van der Merwe, ZS6AB (Secretary-Treasurer); Bert  Coleridge  ZS6CH  (Member); Vaun North, ZS6MG (Member); Max Pickett, ZS6LG; (Member); Jack Startup.’ZS6OQ (Member); Kel Smith,  ZS6KW, (Member and Scribe). At this stage OM Charles took the chair and after expressing his gratitude to the.meeting in electing him ,to the important office, adjourned the meeting to partake in  the delicious refreshments served by  Mrs. Pickett, Mrs. Charles Olivier, Mrs. Vin Olivier and Miss Alexander, and all mingled freely and caused a good deal of QRM.

So,  YL’s  and  OM’s, the  West Rand  Branch of the  League is now an  established fact, and we rely upon your able support to make this branch the model one of the League. So here is your chance and remember, unity is strength.

The following new  ZSL  members are  welcomed to your fold and trust they will shortly acquire their transmitting  licences:- YL Lewthwaite,  OM Lewthwaite, OM Postma,  OM Danie De Wet and OM Fritz Meltzer.

Die adres van u sekretaris  is Approachlaan 6, P.K. Discovery, en alle korrespondensie moet  aan daardie adres  gerig  word.

Henk, ZS6AB. has  great  plans for the future. Wants to use a string of 80Ts. Going to use the   50-cycle mains supply for your  fundamental, OM?

Bert,  ZS6CH. Still  pounds the brass in preference to fone.  Hear  he has his modulator going  fb. Now what gives,  Bert?  Do you still enjoy your Wild  West better than DX?

Met leedwese moet  ons  meedeel dat  die huise van  ouks.  Coetzee (ZS6QQ) en Miller (ZS6RE) onlangs in die ramp te  Roodepoort in die slag gebly het en ons vertrou dat alles eersdaags weer herstel sal wees.

Les, ZS6FU.  Missed your  face at the first meeting. That’s the trouble with shift working, but you  still get plenty of time for DX,  Hear the  W’s calling you often.

Bennie, ZS6IH. Ham with the new M.G. and that does not mean motor generator. Has fitted three B,C. series of receivers in his new car and reports fb reception,on all bands. Is going to Cape Town for a well-earned break and we hope to hear him working portable.

Charles,ZS6IM. Haven’t heard  you for  a long  time, too much work? Tinus. ZS6IV.  Baie geluk  met  die geboorte van ‘n  seun.  Aan  mevrou ook ons beste wense. Nou het Tinus altans  hulp om  sy “Quad” vas te   hou.

Charles, ZS6KP. Your worthy chairman, rebuilding a super new rig. Good luck, and tons of DX on your   new HRO 7.

Kel,  ZS6KW.   Battling hard to work an occasional DX on a new 3- element beam.

Max  ZS6LG.  At long last decided to give 10 a go. Lost some watts but hopes  to find them  soon.   Max you’d  better  question those who were in your shack  the night of the meeting.

Vaun, ZS6MG.  Still looking for  the perfect VFO.   Has  tried Clapp, Franklin,Colpitts, etc., etc.  Does manage to work a spot of DX,during  rebuilding activities.

Steve, ZS6MR.   Wants a modulation  transformer to  complete his rig, which is now a rack-and panel affair. Sorry, no spare ones knocking about, Steve.

Vic, ZS6OY.  Now works plenty of DX on his 807. Wait till he gets his beam going. Occasionally lends  out his P.A.  system or is it his modulator?

Wilf, ZS6EV.  Now has an fb  antenna on the top of the building and is getting out very well.  What do you  do with two receivers, Wilf?  Change over  when one gets hot?

Eric. ZSL6JH. Has acquired a new S,40 and is going flat-out with his  morse. Very nice, Eric.  Won’t be long now.

Steps  are being  taken to form morse classes for the benefit of our ZSL members and  those interested are required to contact the secretary, who will furnish the desired information.

That’s all the news  for  this month, and I shall be glad to receive any interesting information from  you or about  other members for  insertion in this column. So don’t  wait, write now.

Alles  van die beste  en ‘n baie geseende Kersfees en voorspoedige Nuwejaar.


 By 1948 there was a large and enthusistic band of men and women who lived on the West Rand. Many of these travelled to Johannesburg to attend radio league meetings but this meant setting out in the early evening and returning home late at night.

These enthusiastic hams decided to meet and discuss their problems. The first meeting was on a Saturday morning in mid 1948 at the QTH of old man Jack Startup ZS6OQ. The result of that meeting was the formation of the West Rand Branch of the South African Radio League. The hams present on that auspicious occasion were:

Jack Startup ZS6OQ, Iris Startup ZS6UM, Fritz Meltzer ZS6UX, Percy Garnet ZS6AID a lecturer in electrotechs at Randfontein Technical College, Bossie Bosman ZS6AAJ and Arthur Howard ZS6TV.

As OM Jack’s lounge was too small for the growing band of Westrand Hams an alternative meeting place had to be found. OM Fritz, who was the Randfontein Town Clerk, arranged for permission to use the Town Hall for branch meetings.

As more and more members joined the West Rand Branch it was decided to alternate venues between Florida and Randfontein in order to split the burden of travelling to meetings. The Randfontein Town Hall was used when meetings were held in Randfontein and OM Max Picket ZS6LG’s QTH was initally used for for meetings held in Florida.

At the meeting held on the 7th Dec 1948 in the Randfontein Town Hall, mention is made of the very fine spread put on by Mrs Buttrum ZS6UK and Mrs Scott.

At this stage the first West Rand bulletin was read using the callsign ZS6WR on a frequency of 7110Khz. bulletin readers were OM’s Charles Buttrum ZS6IM, and Hennie ?? ZS6AB???.

The following names are mentioned by old hands:-

Arthur Howard ZS6TV, Chris Meltzer ZS6UX, Jack Startup ZS6OQ, Don Goldblatt ZS6CX, Percy Garnet ZS6AID, ZS6AX, Jack’s XYL Iris ZS6UM, Bert Coleridge ZS6CH, Harold Cheveaux ZS6ANX, Piet van Wyk ZS6AJN, Jannie v d Watt ZS6AIZ ??, Cynthia Lewthwaite ZS6ACT, Frikkie Meyer ZS6AAC,Lionel Charles ZS6BJX, Vic Faulkner ZS6OY, P J Coetzee ZS6BZ, ( rem ZS6ANX only 1954 &AIZ only 1953 6AJN only 1953?)

Iris Bew was the first YL on the West Rand to obtain her licence. Her call-sign was issued on the 3rd December 1948. Iris married Jack Startup ZS6OQ.  when??????  Jack and XYL Iris obtained licences in 1947 & 1948 respectively.



Iris Bewwes by Geoff Levey's Photos

The roof of OM Dusty Miller’s ZS6GE QTH was damaged by the Roodepoort Tornado on the 26th November 1948. [Thanks - Roodepoort Record]. 

The    December    meeting    of    the West   Rand   Branch  was   held   in  the Town  Hall,   Randfontein,   on  the   7th and  was   well   attended   by  members and   friends.

Everyone  spent  a most  interesting  evening  and thoroughly enjoyed  the  refreshments  served  by Mrs.  Buttrum   and   Mrs. Scott, who, however, were  too shy to come forward and receive  a vote  of thanks  passed  in their favour.

A  vote of thanks also to OM Fritz Meltzer, ZSL6AC, for obtaining  the use of  the Town Hall.

Our first branch bulletin (frequency  7110 Kcs.) was put over the air by OM’s Charles, ZS6KP,  and Hennie, ZS6AB, on the 19th December.  Don’t forget to listen to your own   bulletin every Sunday morning after completion of the Headquarters’ one.

Ouk. Danie de Wet, ZSL6AE, sal moontlik  eersdaags by lisensie bekom. Pasop, keres, hy is ‘n ou kalant met die sleutel.

Loutjie Postma, ZSL6AD, is nou die ene vuur en vlam. Hy praat eet en slaap net radio.  Hoop ook om binnekort op die lug te wees. OM  Len Smith hiding somewhere in Discovery. Why so quiet, OM?

Ouk. Coetzee, ZS6QQ, is ook maar stil. Hoop dat ons meer van jou in die toekoms sal hoor.

Cynthia and Philip Lewthwaite  are getting on very nicely with their morse.  Believe  Philip has handed his instructor’s badge to Hermie, ZS6AB, hi.

Charles Buttrum has been promoted. Congrats on your election to the branch committee.

Some  members should be called upon to explain their movements after the meeting at’  Randfontein. Two hours after the close of the meeting to get back to Discovery and Florida is a bit thick.

We wish to welcome our  first YL  transmitting  member on the West  Rand,  Iris Bew,  ZS6UM. So, OM’s, if  you hear her calling, please give her a shout.

We  have some  new ZSL members  and it is rumoured that by the time you receive this issue of “Radio ZS”  some of them will be transmitting members.

Here’s a tip for anyone who wants to run  750 volts  on a 6L6 told by a  pre-war ham.  Turn the 6L6 upside down and place it in a  jar, cup or tin or what you have of  water   and there you have  a water cooled tube, hi. Don’t  forget  to  keep the socket above water level.                                                     ‘!

We  hear that Dusty,  ZS6RE, is back in his home which was wrecked during  the recent tornado at Roodepoort. We have missed your sigs on 20, OM.

Bert, ZS6CH,  is   very     quiet     these days.     He    has     acquired    a    new shack  and   must   be  rebuilding   or  is he   working   2  metres  DX?

Jimmie,  ZS6JE,  has  been   heard  once or   twice,   but    must    still    be    busy on  his   FB   transmitter,   which  looks like    a   pukka   commercial   station. Where    are     you     hiding   yourself, Jimmy?

Les,   ZS6FU, was   heard   telling   the W’s all about the  Dingaan’s Day Handicap.    What  odds   did   you   lay, Les?

Tinus,  61V,  had   a  visit   from   OM Doc,     1CH.    What   did    you     lose, T’inus?

Bob,     6CO,   haven’t    heard    you since  your   last   bulletin.    Hope  you enjoy your   stay   in  the   Cape. Plenty of  work  waiting  for   you,   Bob.

Max,   6LG,  is   making   FB    con­ tacts    on   10  now,    but    is   seriously thinking    of   a   beam   and    a   good tu be   in   the    final,  an   807,  hi.

Voc,  60Y,   is  battling  with   a  new 10-metre  Workshop   beam,  but    we hope    you   get   it   working   soon.

George   “The     Whispering    Bari­ tone”   6KL,  has    been     on   the    air again   working    DX,    after     a   long spell   away  from   home  on  business.

QRX  a  moment,  your    scribe  has to  have    a  beer   to   cool   his   fevered brow.

Toby,  6D,  is  heard  sometimes  on 40   fone.       What   about   20   and    10 metres   fone    DX,   old-timer?

Well,  folks,  that’s    all    for    now. Please  drop   me   a  line   or   give   me a  ring    and   tell   me   all   about  your troubles    and    latest   exploits.

Until   next    month,   tons    of   luck and   bags   full    of  rare    DX.



During this period (1948 and 1949) slow morse was transmitted by Jack ZS6OQ at 18h15 each evening on 80 metres to enable new members to learn the code or improve on their speed.

The     January     monthly    meeting was     held     at    OM    Max     Pickett’s residence .on the   4th,   and   33 members,   friends and   visitors were   pre­ sent.      Apologies were    received   on behalf   of   six   members.

We     were      honoured     to     have among    the     visitors    OM’s   Wally Browning   and   Eric    Lowe, Council members, and   OM’s Andy Walker, Rena    Faber   and    Peter     Brightman from    Johannesburg    Branch.

We    do    trust     that     members    of other      branches    within    this     province   will    also    attend   our    meetings,   should they    be   in   a position to   do   so.     We   would    also   like    to extend an open   invitation to members    of   other    branches   throughout our    League,   who    may    be   in   the Transvaal    either    on    business    or pleasure,   to   any    of   our    meetings. Our     Secretary,    OM    Rennie    van der     Merwe,    ZS6AB   ‘(phone    No. 62-2494)  should   be contacted   for any   information   in   regard   to   date and   place    of   meetings.

We   are    very    pleased   to   put    on record    that     the     collection    taken at   Max’s place   on the   night    of the Meeting, for   assistance to members  who  sustained   damage   in   the    recent    Roodepoort    tornado,   realised the     amount    of    £5/6/6.      Thanks, OM’s and    YL’s,   this    was    a   fine effort.   Any   further   donations may be   forwarded   to   the    Secretary   or handed to   any   committee member. Our   branch   bulletin   is put    over  the    air    every   Sunday   morning   at the    completion   of   the    Headquarters     Bulletin.     The     frequency    is  7110 Kcs   and   the   call sign  ZS6WR.

60Q,   Jack,    is still   putting out   an FB    signal   on    fone    with     his    6L6 final.

60Y,   Vic; now   has   a Hallicrafter VFO     and     a    panoramic    adaptor. (Next  time   Vic  goes  away   on  business    same body     is    going   to    visit his   shack  with    screwdriver,   pliers and    lots    of   spanners   and    the    V8, hi.

OM    Percy,    ZSL6CD,   complete with    SW   and   juniors,   took    a  trip down   to   Durban   for    a   month   to try out   his   new    Buick.

6FU,  Les,  is  still   the   Randfontein  DX    champ.     He    decided    he    just  could   not    stand     the   racket   from Charles,   6IM,   so   spent     an    industrious  hour    fixing  his   modulator.

OM   Fritz,    ZSL6AC,  still   battling with    his   morse,  but   hopes  to   take his    ticket   very     soon.    Nice    work OM.                                                               ‘

Not   much  being  heard  from   Les, 6IR,     and     ZSL6IW,   Ken.        What about    it,     Ken,      when    are  you going  to  visit   the   P.M.G. in  regard to   your    ticket.

6IR,     Bennie,    working    DX     (at least,     F’lorida) ,   with     1   1/2   watts on  40.

6IV,   Tinus,  wil   maar    nie   afsien van   sy  geliefkaasde  “Quad”  nie.

6LG,  Max.   has  been   on  leave   and worked    a   lot    of   FB    DX    on    10.

Also   did  some   painting  at  home,  so he   sez.

6CO,  Bob,   very,   very    quiet    these days.      What  gives,  OM?     Rebuilding?

Nuus    is   maar     skaars   maar     ons vertrau   dat   almal  aktief   is  en   nie veel    mee    te    deel    het    nie.      Laat oris  maar    weet   wat   aangaan.

Pasop  hier   kom

Kel,   ZS6KW.


On 4th January, 1949 a meeting, attended by thirty-three people, was held at the QTH of OM Max Picket ZS6LG. Amongst the visitors were Wally Browning, Eric Louw, Reno Faber, Peter Brightman and Andy Walker from the Johannesburg Branch. The presence of these well known hams was a boost for the newly formed West Rand Branch.

Between 1949 and 1953 a few meetings were held in the West Rand Consolidated Mines recreation hall. Johnny Du Plessis ZS6AGO arranged this venue.

At the February, 1949 meeting, the Secretary, OM Hennie v d Merwe ZS6AB, passed the hat around and the princely sum of five pounds six shillings and six pence was collected for Tornado victims.

The following members attended this meeting:-

Percy Garnet ZS6AID, P J Coetzee ZS6QQ, Len Smith ZS6RP, Louwtjie Postma ZS6AD, Les Scott ZS6CU, Danie v d Watt ZS6AE, Bert Coleridge ZS6CH, Jimmie Renwick ZS6JE, Tinus Potgieter ZS6IV, Max Picket ZS6LG, Vic Faulkner ZS6OY, George Eva ZS6KL, Toby Innes ZS6D, D Goldblatt ZS6CX, Bob Taylor ZS6CO, Charles Buttrum ZS6IM, Fritz Meltzer ZS6UX, Les Grusd ZS6IR, Ken ?? ZS6IW, Bennie Pienaar ZS6IH, and Iris Bew ZS6UM, the first YL on the West Rand.

Extracts from the logbook of OM Jack ZS6OQ show that the branch members were busy establishing their stations for example:-

 Kel ZS6KW was testing an 807 Tx

 Jack ZS6OQ using a HT18 With 807 Final

 Arthur ZS6TV has a new S40 Hallicrafter RX

 Charles ZS6IM was using an ex army TCS Collins RX/TX

 Fritz ZS6UX Tests a 6L6 final


On the 20/02/49 the Branch held a field day/picnic at the Pines.

(DETAILS ??????)

Radio communications were provided by the branch on the 7th and 8th January 1950 for the air race run by the Randfontein Celebration Committee.   (DETAILS PLEASE ?????)

During 1950 meetings were held in the Roodepoort Club for a while.

For several years meetings were held at the Florida MOTH Hall. The Committee was:-

 Doug Lawson ZS6JN,  Cynthia Lewthwaite ZS6ACT,  George Eva ZS6KL

The venue then moved to Discovery in 1952 ?? and the Florida Town hall ? ? and the Dardanelles Moth Hall


Radio ZS January 1952

The first general meeting of the new committee was held in the Roodepoort Club on the 4th December 1951. The committee has lost no time in getting down to business, and the meeting went with a swing.

The meeting was considerably brightened by the presence of OM Bob ZS6CO after a long absence. It is good to know that Bob has not forgotten us. We all hope to see more of him now.

Fritz ZS6UK announced his intention of presenting the member who enrolled the most new members during the year with a trophy. So how about it, YL’s and OM’s? But let us issue a warning – a certain member in Krugersdorp is well on the way to winning already, so you will all have very keen competition.

Once more the worthy SWs of OMs ZS6CH and ZS6ABM provided refreshments which were much appreciated. I will take this opportunity of welcoming all the new members and wishing them many happy hours on the air. It was decided that any members desiring CW lessons should get in touch with the Secretary, OM Dennis ZS6US who would endeavour to arrange CW classes for them. It was proposed that we seek a new QTH for our monthly meetings; this proposal was met with unanimous approval. OM Fritz proposed that the February meeting be held in Randfontein; this proposa met with enthuasiasm from all present, especially old members who remembered the kind hospitality of the Randfontein members in the past.

Members were reminded that OM Toby’s Cup for DX worked on 40 and 80 metres was to be presented at the next meeting. Owing to the amount of business to be transacted the lecture prepared by Joyhn ZS6YN had to be postponed until a later date. After a most interesting evening the meeting was declared closed by OM Chair.

Soon there will be more QRM coming from the West Rand. Yet another CW merchant has joined our ranks. We extend a hearty welcome to Piet ZS6AFP ex ZS5LP, who has settled in Discovery. Piet is awaiting the arrival of his transmitter from Div. 5

ZS6AFR – congrats on receiving your ticket, Des and welcome to the West Rand Branch. Des is busy building his TX and we wish him tons of DX and many hours of operating on the bands.

ZS6UT – At last some QRM has been heard coming from his shack. Nice work, Bert, lets here more of you now.

ZS6CH – another Bert also causing QRM on the band once more. Glad you have settled down in your new shack, Curly Hair. If you can work VQ land with reports of QSA 5 s 9 while working from an antenna thrown over the peach tree, we shudder to think what will happen when finally the beam is erected.

ZS6KW – Why so quiet Kel.? I wonder if it could be the after effect of Curly Hair’s visit that is keeping you off the air.

ZS6OY – Vic heard working DX on 10 and 20 between his travels. Has the trip to G land given you itch feet, Vic?

While tuning over the 80 metre band one Saturday evening your scribe changed upon an entrancing melody. After 3 enchanting minutes the piece drew to an end and the melodious voice of Mac was heard announcing that it was ZS6EF testing musical frequencies. Your scribe was also very surprised to hear that this was ZS6EF’s first effort. Mac is to be congratulated on the fine job he made of it. Mac is very active on all the bands these days and is looking forward to becoming a VQ one day.

ZS6CO – Bob has once more been heard on the band. Glad the cobwebs have no effect on the rig, Bob.

ZS6ZC Jannie now working 20 metre fone. Soon a YL’s voice will be heard coming from this shack. Welcome to our Branch Jannie; hope to work you one day soon.

The W.R. Branch has quite a number of 6 metre fans now, among whom are ZS6OY, ZS6RP and ZS6LG.

ZS6EV – Hope you enjoyed your weekend at home Wilf, and that it will soon be permanent.

ZS6US – very busy these days building a nest and also rebuilding his transmitter between minding baby. Best of luck in the new QTH Dennis

ZS6D – away on holiday. Hope you enjoy yourself Toby.

ZS6UX –  yet another member who is lucky enough to be away on vacation.

ZS6WK – Claude has built a new receiver which from all I have heard about it, seems to be working 100%, especially on 10 metres. Claude work 10 metres DX as easily as falling off a log these days and hjope to obtain his DXCC one day.

ZS6XH – OM Phil has reluctantly been compelled to neglect Ham Radio and pay more attention to his car, which he is trying to get into shape for his forthcoming trip to Northern Rhodesia.

ZS6RP – another member who seems to prefer car grease to DX

By now I am sure I have exceeded my of words so will bid you all adieu. Before signing off I would like to request that all members keep me posted as to their doings

A very Happy New Year to you all with all the rare DX you have been striving to work just rolling in.


(this following extract also appears in the January 1952 issue )

ZS6WK – OM Claude should also be known as Professor Pike. All the W.R. Branch comes to him for advise.

ZS6EV – Wilf home for Christmas. Heard working ZS6RP Lens rig. Glad to hear you will soon be home for good, Wilfie.

ZS2GM – visitors to this branch last month were OM Potty and his SW from Uitenhage. Potty was sorry that his early return to Uitenhage made it impossible for him to attend our meeting and meet more of his friends. Potties brother in Discovery is also a prospective ham and is now wrestling with CW.

ZS6ABM – that hard working editor of ours is once more to be heard on 20m working DX It is nice to hear that the cobwebs did no damaged, Win. Hi!

ZS6ZK – Wes now works all his DX on 10 metres and seems to be getting fb. results with his new beam.

ZS6AEN – OM Chris has started a CW class in Krugersdorp. Nice work Chris and I hope all your pupils will soon be causing QRM on the bands.

ZS6QQ – Phil now home on vacation from Carolina looking fitter than ever.. Phil has done quite a bit of shack crawling during his stay! I wonder what cam be missing from his rig? Hi!

ZS6BR – OM Jappie is very quiet these days. Are you building a super rig or have you moved QTH?

ZS6JN – Dug working DX on 20 CW. Nice fist Dug; hope to work you again soon.

ZS6KW – Kel has been away on holiday. Hope you enjoyed yourself Kel.

ZS6CH – Bert, what would we do without you? Berts first bulletin for the past 2 years was enjoyed by all. The break seems to have done you good Bert. Hi!

ZS6LG – Max complains that the bands are all dead these days. I wonder if bert has disconnected max’s antenna?

ZS6XH – Phil has now finished tuning up his car, and is on his way to VQ land. Phil expects to be QRT on the band for at least 5 weeks, as his antenna will have to be erected once again on his return. The antenna was unable to stand up to the load of DX resting on it and so promptly collapsed.

ZS6AFP – Piet now settled in his new QTH and working DX on 40m. Piet is hoping to erect a new 20m antenna soon.

ZS6EF – Mac active on all bands. M.F.’s are still the key notes to his QSO’s but Mac is thinking of a new ground plane antenna do M.F.’s will be taking second place. Mac pretends to be one of the strong silent types, but once he gets wound up, no one else has a chance of saying anything.

ZS6UX – Fritz hope you enjoyed your vacation; you will have to get down to work now and build up a super portable rig for our picnic.

ZS6DT – Toby also back from vacation. Looks as though you may ein the DX 40-80 cup yourself, Toby

ZS6IM – Charles now that the novelty of the junior has worn off, it is nice to know you are becoming a ham once again

ZS6AAC – Jan FB sigs,OM. It is rumoured that this station is also thinking of a new antenna; it seems catching.

ZS6YN – John still rebuilding; wonder what is taking so long.

ZS6RP – Len building a standby transmitter which will be running 15 watts.

Well OM’s and YL’s sorry these notes are so short, but your scribe is setting of for VQ2 land tomorrow so was unable to glean anymore information before leaving.

I believe a very interesting programme has been organised for the Branch by your committee, so listen for further information on the Sunday bulletins. The Branch now has a permanent QTH for its Secretary, namely, P.O. Box 67, Florida. I would like to remind all members that our annual picnic will be held in February, and we are looking forward to a big turnout of members this year. We are all looking forward to the final entries for Toby’s DX Cup for 40 and 80 metres. I believe some social activity with another Branch has been organised. I think this should be encouraged and will help in awaking more interest in league activity. I regret I will not be able to attend our next meeting, which will be held at OM Max ZS6LG’s shack. Members whi have attended meetings at Max’s shack, will I am sure be looking forward to this gathering.

The February meeting will be held in the Randfontein Town Hall. We are looking forward to meeting many old friends at this meeting.

Well your scribe is now QRU, so best DX and 73s,  AUNT CHARLES TOPPER


In March 1952 the meeting was held at the Bantjies Recreation Hall. Although not very well attended this meeting was nevertheless most enjoyable. OM Vick, ZS66OY, brought his brother along and showed some very interesting films. It was decided to make the Bantjies recreation hall our permanent meeting place.

Our annual picnic has come and gone once more, OM Toby, ZS6D, the most enthusiastic member, was up at dawn in order to welcome the less energetic OMs and YLs. Hi!

Quite a deal of water has passed under the bridge since the last Branch notes were printed. Autumn has commenced and from what one hears on the band, one takes it the 80 will probably be more popular with members now.

Unfortunately I have not got much in the way of social notes this month, but owing to pressure of work and lack of cooperation on the part of the members it is the best I can do.

Here and There

Congratulations to OMs ZS6AEO and ZS6IH and their SWs on the bith of their respective juniors.

Our hard working Secretary has almost completed his rig and hopes to be more active on the air as from April 1. Dennis has also managed to obtain a telephone. Any member wishing to get in touch with our Secretary, ZS6US, should therefore phone 62-4689 .

It is rumoured  that there is a SW of a ZS6WR member keen on learning the code and obtaining her ticket. I guess the OM will have to go shack-crawling if he feels like a QSO. Hi!

Congratulations to  OM Frick, ZS6AAC, on winning the DX cup for 40 and 80 metres presented by Toby Innes, ZS6D.

A hearty welcome is extended to our newn YL member, ZSL6WRD; I believe the name is Ozrin; would you like to confirm or rectify this sometime, YL.

Our deepest sympathy is extended to OM George on the loss of his father.

Theo, ZS6AGA and his SW are back home once more after their holiday which was spent in Uvongo.

Two more members home from vacation are OM Bossie, ZS6AAJ, and Percy, ZSL^WRH. Hope you both enjoyed yourselves.

Our weary editor of “Carrier” now has an assistant OM Joubert, ZS6AEO.  Why not get him to do some roving reporting for you. Win?

ZS6KW Kell is once more to be heard on 20 metre phone. What happened to 10 metre Kell?

6 Uncle X-ray. The only time we hear this call sign is when Fritz comes on the air to work OQ5YL or OQ5BG!  Why so quite Fritz.

John, ZS6YN, is still struggling to get the new modulator in perfect order.

Congrats to Ben on obtaining his ticket. Ben’s call sign is ZS6AFZ. Will be listening for you on the band, Ben.

ZS6AFP Piet, still seems to be having trouble with the TX on 20. Not much is heard of this station at present though as Piet is building a receiver. It is rumoured that Piet may soon be changing his call sign again, this time to ZS3.

Our Chairman Len. ZS6RP, hopes to hve his new 6M ant. and rig working by the end of the month. The other 6M fans had best hurry if they do not want to miss all the fun.

Well thats all for now, best 73 and DX to you all. – Aunt Charlie’s Topper


Bossie ? ZS6AAJ and ? ? Joubert ZS6AEO were appointed as editors for the news letter Carrier (DETAILS OF NEWS LETTER’S ORIGINS ?????)

At the 1952 AGM of the South African Radio League, the Branch Voting Strength was 50. The following members were present:-

 Chairmam Len Smith ZS6RP, Secretary Dennis Hugo ZS6US, Fritz Meltzer ZS6UX, Bert Coleridge ZS6CH, M S Christaine ZS6AEN, Wilf Honey ZS6EV, Arthur Howard ZS6TV, Toby Innes ZS6D, Johnny du Plessis ZS6AGQ, Win Verster ZS6ABM, Piet Fourie ZS6AFP, Kel Smith ZS6KW, Theo Sher ZS6AGA and the scribe for the Branch newsletter, ‘Carrier’, J L du Plessis ZS6AGQ.


Radio ZS July 1952  (combine with original text below)

Now you chaps have done it! Making me scribe was a bad move! You know me – always rebuilding! Here are your notes; don’t blame me.

In the darkened hall a nervous tension of the absorbed watchers was a solid, tangible thing. The flickering green flame seemed to ebb away from the concentrated gaze of their eyes. Only one person was not party to their absorption. Yet he was the cause of that throbbibg green glow. He spoke quietly and calmy, simple, logical, lucid words; his ease serving only to heighten and contrast the strained expectation of the rest.

He stoop and bent forward; the shimmering green light swayed again, steadied and resolved itself into a likeness of that calm face. The W.R. Branch saw their first human face on Amateur Television. Mac ZS6EF nearly fell off the chair on which he was standing.

Undoubtedly this was the  “finest ever” meeting. Something to look back to as a landmark. Aided by a “scope” and a superb gift for putting the complicated simply, OM Japie ZS6BR led us from the essentials of television to a magnificent climax. One thing we have proved beyond question – television has no adverse effect on appetite! The carefully prepared spread put up by the Randfontein group disappeared like DX in QRM. Thanks to that and to the elegant simplicity of OM Japie’s lecture we did’nt even feel the cold!

ZS6WR – 40 contacts from the Scout Fete at Roodepoort; fb!

ZS6RP by Geoff Levey's Photos

OM Chair Len Smith ZS6RP back in circulation; can’t keep a good man down

OM Secretary ZS6US – US after Radio ZS

ZS6ACT set too high a standard; suppose being a YL does help you get news. Luck and DX in VQ2 land Cynthia.

The bulletin frequency is still 7110 Kc/s, the time Sunday just after nine.

73 John ZS6YN


At the June 1952 meeting OM Japie Malan ZS6BR a Communications Engineer from the South African Railways demonstrated early television using an ordinary cathode ray tube from a 3 1/2″ oscilloscope.

It was reported that ZS6WR the Branch station had logged 40 contacts at the Scout Festival at Roodepoort. (DETAILS REQUIRED OF TX, RX, LOCALITY, ANTENNA, ETC ???)

The Branch was allocated the frequency of 7105Khz for bulletins. The Chairman was Len Smith ZS6RP .The branch address was P O Box 67 Florida

At the July 1952 meeting at the QTH of OM Max Picket ZS6LG, 33 members were present, apologies received from 6 members. Dusty Miller ZS6GE presented a lecture on the famous Colpits Oscillator.

The branch was growing stronger and needed a bigger meeting place. (HALL?? )

New members included Wilf Honey ZS6EV, Kel Smith ZS6KW, Dan Goldblat ZS6CX, Charles Buttrum ZS6IM, Y V MacLeod ZS6EF.

During 1952, Bert Coleridge ZS6CH, conducted slow morse classes on 80 metres.


Radio ZS  September 1952

The last monthly meeting held at Randfontein, was a most enjoyable evening. Enjoyed by all present, although poorly attended. Thanks to Miss Meltzer and the West Rand Hobo for refreshments. Also thanks to OM Vic ZS6CY for the full length film shown.

ZS6UX – Welcome back from Div. 4; we hope to hear more of you on the band Fritz.

ZS6CH – OM Bert is sending slow Morse lessons every evening at 18:15 hours

ZS6AEN – OM Chris’s wife has been in hospital and we wish her a speedy recovery.

Welcome to OM Brian Sole a new member of the League.

Our Chairman OM Len ZS6RP is back in hospital; all members of the West Rand Branch wish him a speedy recovery.

ZS6AGA – OM Theo has been busy building a 10m beam; more QRM on 10. Hi!

ZS6TV – OM Arthur has been busy helping the new OM’s to get their rigs on the air (more QRM Arthur. Hi!)

ZS6EV – Wolf’s in hospital; speedy recovery Wolf.

ZS6KW – Kel playing with oscilloscope – no TV to be found there.

ZS6US – Dennis may have his rig finished next year (Still US)

ZS6ABM – Win still playing with 6 metres. (Nice toy Win, Hi!)

ZS6LG – Max not on the air much, travelling salesman for S.A.R. (How’s shack crawling going Max?)

ZS6D – Very inactive Tobyp; busy fishing (sounds fishy to us, Hi!)

ZS6AFP – Piet can always be heard trying for DX.

That is all the news for now, will endeavour to do better next time as the position of scribe has bee put on me suddenly.

ZS6AGQ OM J.L. du Plessis has been made Scribe now. His QTH is J.74 West Rand Consolidated Mines, West Rand, Krugersdorp.

73  Johnny ZS6AGQ


Radio ZS October 1952

The last monthly meeting the West Rand members travelled through to Germiston by invitation of that branch, and a very enjoyable evening was spent by all present. We hope more meetings of this nature can be arranged in the near future.

We ask all members to attend meetings and come forward with suggestions for improving their Branch.

We welcome OM Len ZS6RP who has been ill back on the mike. We hope you are fit and well again Len.

OM Fritz ZS6UX is off again to CR7 land.

OM Bert ZS6CH is moving QTH.

ZS6AEN Chris is still swopping and getting nowhere.

ZS6US Dennis is still busy on his new rig, besides doing all the running around for the Branch, which takes up most of his time.

ZS6AGA OM Theo has finished making his new TX and will soon be on the air again.

ZS6AFR – Des is very active; we hope he will soon be on fone

ZS6ADN – OM Sid has got his push pull 807 perking and hopes to have a modulator soon.

ZS6AEO – OM Jimmy has been working in Northern Transvaal and has been home for a weekend. Why haven’t we heard him on the air.

A stalwart who never lets us down is OM Arthur ZSL6WRR

ZS6KL – George is back on the bulleti; nice work George

OM Max ZS6LG has got a new VFO; best of luck with it Max.

OM Jappie ZS6BR is in hospital having his appendix removed; we hope you are soon up and about again, Jappie

Will the members of the Branch get in touch with me if they have any news. The QTH is J.74 West Rand Cons., Westrand, Krugersdorp.

Best 73′s  Johnny ZS6AGQ


In that year OM Vic Faulkner ZS6OY presented many film shows at branch meetings which were held in the Randfontein Town Hall and the Florida Moth Hall.


Radio ZS December 1952

The Annual General Meeting of the West Rand Branch held on the 4th November 1952 in the West Rand Consolidates Mines Sport Club was well attended and enjoyed by everybody.

We had presenting of cups. The Toby Innes Trophy was presented to OM Dennis ZS6US. The Fritz Meltzer Trophy was presented to OM Win ZS6ABM for enrolling the most new members.

OM Theo ZS6AGR has donated a replica of the Ham Spirit Trophy which was presented to OM Len ZS6RP. We wish to congratulate these OMs.

After the trophies were presented we elected a new committee consisting of the following: OM Fritz ZS6UX; OM Len ZS6RP; OM Dennis ZS6US; OM Percy ZS6WRH (West Rand Hobo); OM THeo ZS6AGA and yours truly Johnny ZS6AGQ.

Congratulations to OM Fred ZS6AGR who was presented with a small QRM )a boy) and also our Secretary OM Dennis ZS6US who was also presented with a little QRM last month.

OM Bert ZS6CH has returned back from holiday.

OM Wolfe is on his feet and making very good progress and we hope to see him at more meetings.

OM Theo ZS6AGA and OM Fred ZS6AGR have both got their transmitters perking.

OM Percy ZS6WRH has been receiving lessons on CW from OM Dick ZS6AGI; keep up the good work Dick.

OM Dennis ZS6US we hear is increasing his power from 2 watts to 5 watts; we hope to hear him now Hi!

I have been elected scribe for the following ywar and hope that members will come to light with news for Radio ZS.

Best 73′s  Johnny ZS6AGQ


This in Italics is in wrong place

Date ? ? ?

The following Committee was elected -

Percy Garnet ZS6AID Chairman

Fritz Meltzer ZS6UX Secretary/Treasurer



Radio ZS November 1952

Wes Marais ZS6AAJ (blind, lived in Krugersdorp)

ZS6ZK by Geoff Levey's Photos


RadioZS – January 1953

The last monthly meeting held in the Roodepoort Club was a most enjoyable evening and many items of interest were discussed and decided on. The Carrier is to be issued every three months and is hoped to be able to increase the issue to every two months as usual, providing all members come to light and send in articles of interest to be printed.

Why’s and Wherefores

ZS6AAJ – OM Bossie has put up a closed spaced beam 3 elements for 10 metres.

ZS6AGI – OM Dick tired of working Xtal; building VFO

ZSL6WRH OM Percy still swotting the code. How are you doing Percy?

ZS6FU – OM Les not doing much on 10, working 12 hour shifts.

ZS6AEN OM Chris doing some woodwork and drawing circuits between operating the rig.

ZS6TV – OM Arthur built new TX. How is the report, Arthur?

ZS6YX – OM Fritz working 20 and 10 metres, when time permits.

ZS6OQ – OM Jack working 10 metres, fb reports pn phone

ZS6UM – XYL Iris helping local Ham with tests over the air, fb Iris.

ZS6US – OM Dennis is still busy making his new rig, now that he is a free man.

ZS6ABM – OM Win is still busy on 6 metres; how is it perking, Win?

ZS6RP – OM Len is hoping to have a VFO working soon.

ZS6AGA _ OM Theo will soon be on phone.

ZS6AGR – OM Fred, our Secretary, wishes us to note new address: P.O. Box 22, Krugersdorp.

ZSL6WRY – OM Brian is still swotting for his ticket and is hoping he will soon be able to get it.

ZS6CH – OM Bert is back from holiday, and working DX on CW; nice work Bert.

Before closing we wish to thankOM Percy and OM Fritz for the refreshments at the monthly meetings.

73   Johnny ZS6AGQ


The June 1953 meeting was held at the Florida Moth Hall. A demonstration of Mobile Equipment using a BC 453 Surplus Command Receiver and a homebrew transmitter installed in a Ford Anglia was given by OM Reno Faber ZS6OF.

Bert Coleridge ZS6CH was presented with the Toby Innes DX Trophy Johnny Du Plessis ZS6AGQ the Membership Trophy. Dennis Hugo ZS6US and Bennie Pienaar ZS6IH the Ham Spirit Trophy.

The Committee at this time was:- Chairman Fritz Meltzer, Vice Chairman Percy Garnet ZS6AID, Secretary Jannie Venter ZS6ZC Treasurer ?? ?? SZ6?? , also present at this meeting were Les Scott ZS6FU, Bennie Pienaar ZS6IH, Ben v d Merwe ZS6AEZ, Eddie v d Merwe ZS6AFA.

from RadioZS – August 1953 (See below as well)

Well, another AGM over, and those who missed it – really missed something. The meeting was preceded by a most interesting and entertaining lecture, and practical demonstration on mobile transmission by OM Reno Faber ZS6OF, ably assisted by OM Ken Mills ZS6RA. Also present, were members of the Germiston Radio Club who were our guests for the evening, as well as OM Bill Wedderspoon G3HJX, and we trust that their long ride was worth while. The Chairman OM Fritz ZS6UX, reported fully on the  activities of the Branch over the past eight months.

Your new committee is as follows OM’s:

Chairman Fritz Meltzer ZS6UX,

Vice-Chairman Percy Garnett ZS6AID,

Secretary Jamie Venter ZS6ZC,


Les Scott ZS6FU,

Bennie Pienaar ZS6IH,

Ben van de Merwe ZS6AEZ

Eddie van der Merwe ZS6AFA.

Your committee need all of your support and let’s make their task easier by coming to meetings, and generally making ourselves useful.

OM Bert Coleridge ZS6CH, was presented with the Toby Innes DX Trophy, OM Jonny du Plessis ZS6AGQ, won the membership trophy. OM Dennis Hugo ZS6US received a replica of the Ham Spirit Trophy and OM Bennie Pienaar ZS6IH was the popular winner of the Ham Spirit Trophy – congratulations to all these OM’s.

The transmitter built by OM Bennie Pienaar ZS6IH, for an incapacitated person was on view and proved to be an eye opener for many.

General meetings will be held in the Florida-Roodepoort area and the Randfontein-Krugersdorp area on alternate months. OM’s Theo Sher ZS6AGA and Dennis Hugo ZS6US, were appointed as scribes to Radio ZS and as Editors for Carrier>

The tea interval was thoroughly enjoyed by all, and many members expressed there appreciation of the venue, the Moth Hall in Florida.

A number of old faces are still missing and it is hoped with the approach of warmer weather many of you will come out of hiding.


At the Aug 1953 Branch meeting OM Bennie ZS6IH was presented with the Ham Spirit Trophy and Bert Coleridge ZS6CH was presented with the Toby Innes DX Trophy. OM Jonny du Plessis ZS6AGQ, won the Membership Trophy  and OM Denis Hugo, ZS6US, received a replica of the Ham Spirit Trophy.

Radio ZS September 1953

The Branch has now settled all its teething problems and is only awaiting its wisdom teeth ……

The meeting held at the Randfontein Town Hall was fully attended. OM Fritz was in the chair. Our very best thanks to those chappies responsible for the fine spread and the enjoyable meeting.

Arthur Engelbrecht our only visitor, was most welcome and we hope he will be one of us soon.

After the business of the meeting had been attended to OM Bennie ZS6IH held open forum, which was enjoyed by one and all. It was also mentioned that a visit to the Germiston Branch may take place in October, subject to confirmation.

ZS6FZ – Ben running two 807′s in the final. Building an antenna relay. Also to be congratulated on the arrival of a new junior on the 25th July. Heartiest congrats to himself and SW.

ZS6AID – Percy been very busy working CW on 7 Mc. Will be going on phone in December but between now and then is looking for many CW contacts – What about it fellows.

ZSL6WRO –  still swotting CW and listening to ZS6AP working portable Div 1.

ZS6UX – Fritz still working and playing, hope you are feeling much better. It has been said that you should take it a little easier – Well what about it?

ZS6OQ & ZS6UM – Jack and Iris have been on holiday in Durban and most welcome back, hope to see more of you both.

ZS6ACT – Cynthia been very busy, back from VQ land, engaged to ZS2GR, likes VQ land better – Our very best wishes to you both, also glad to see your sister at the meeting.

ZS6IH – Benny working very hard assisting OM Jannie with his new rig. Hope everything is ok.

ZS6RP – Len back from holiday and is already very busy, hope you and the family enjoyed the coast.

ZS6JL – George, tired of the rig? Otherwise why in the garden so much – Explanation please?

ZS6US – Dennis says he will be on the air in September. We hope???

Please note the next meeting is at the Florida Moth Hall in September on the 1st. C U ALL THR.



Combine with text below. From RadioZS Oct 1953

The September meeting was well attended, but many of the old faces are still missing. The approach of the warmer weather may entice some of those OM’s, who have not made an appearance for a long time, to show a leg .

“Carrier” is back again and seems to be enjoyed by all. The Editirs welcome the most severe criticism. The gang installed the rig for OM Jannie v.d. Walt and everything works.

ZS6EY – Hughie, welcome and hope to see you at the next meeting

ZS6AID – OM Percy in the Chair at last meeting dressed in his sporty manner and, with course, with his pipe

ZS6AGR – OM Fred also at meeting and very welcome. SW must have gone on holiday

ZS6USAGA – mention again in dispatches. The 2 most important OM’s at the moment

ZS6WR – 50% turnout. Florida catering must be terrific or it is the RF in the tea.

ZS6AIZ – OM Janie going great guns on 40 metres and will have to order another batch of cards soon.

ZS6RP – OM Len our deepest sympathies on your loss, and may you and yours have a long life.

ZS6XE – OM Carey, thanks for the xtals, most welcome

ZS6FU – OM Les has so much to say that he had to have two cups of tea – with a battle

ZS6KW – OM Kel, getting younger every day.

ZS6KL – OM George took open forum and did a good job too.

ZS6CH – Flitting around for parts for Vans rig.

ZS6AFZ – OM Ben reports that his two 807′s not letting him down.

ZS6AEO – OM Jimmy, full of beans and working DX on 20 metres.

ZS6OY – OM Vic having rig trouble and is going to 807′s now.

ZS6ACT – YL Cynthia and sister regular attenders at meetings – hope you settle down again.

Don’t forget the next meeting will be held with the Germiston boys. All meet at Radio Station. Those requiring transport contact a member of the committee



At the Sept 1953 meeting held at the Moth Hall Florida, mention is made of the fact that a 50% turnout was achieved. It was also announced that the next meeting would be with the Germiston “boys”.

Jannie v d Walt, ZS6AIZ, who was disabled in a mine accident and was given a special licence, had his TX installed by members of the branch and an antenna raising party was held on the Saturday afternoon. The transmitter was built by Ben Pienaar from parts donated by club members.

During this period, the following names are mentioned:-

Hughie ?? ZS6EY??, Fred Koonin ZS6AGR, Carey Maeder ZS6XE, George Eva ZS6KL, Ben v d Merwe ZS6AFZ, Jimmy Joubert ZS6AEO, Vic Faulkner ZS6OY, Cynthia Lewthwaite ZS6ACT.

In Oct 1953 the West Rand Branch met the ‘Germiston Boys’.

(WHAT’S THE BIG DEAL ???)  (See below from RadioZS Nov 1953

The October meeting was held jointly with the Germiston Radio Club at Germiston and a very enjoyable evening was had by all. The local gang must be congratulated on the fine turnout, although OM Fritz and his party arrived late, due to, as they say, a puncture.  nevertheless, their entry into the crowded hall did not mar the excellent lecture of OM John Chater ZS6YN, who was entertaining us in the characteristic manner we from the West Rand know so well. After a hearty tea break we were once again lucky enough to listen to Mr. Harvey on radar and its application to naval gunnery. <r Harvey certainly held the floor, and I am sure many of us came away far wiser than when we entered. In all, Germiston’s hospitality was of their usual high standard, and we only hope and trust that their deeds can at some future date be emulated out our way.

The latest edition of the “Carrier” was well received and, as is usual, not one contribution has come forward from any of our members.

ZS6ZC – OM Jannie still full of beans and his signal seems to be improving every day.

ZS6OY – OM ic has all his troublrs sorted out and is once again very active.

ZS6CH – OM Bert is on holiday as you read this OM Wilf ZS5OX is the host and we sincerely trust that Wilf has a TX left when Bert leaves.

ZS6AFZ – OM Ben still going great guns with his two 807′s and would’nt swop them for the world.

ZS6AID – OM Percy still as healthy as ever and trying new antennae systems.

ZS6UX – OM Fritz looks a bit tired but his Sunday mornings relay appreciated by all.

ZS6US – Be seeing you on the air soon, so he says. Hi!

In conclusion your committee appeals to everyone, yes, You and You, to come to the next meeting.



The branch obtained a Transmitter and a collection of technical books to start a library. [more info req here] Date ? 

The Nov 1953 meeting was held at Florida :-Hughie ZS6AEY, Ben ZS6AFZ, Johnny ZS6AGQ, Bert ZS6CH, Ernie ZS6AFA, Percy ZS6AID, Fritz ZS6UX, Jannie ZS6ZC, and Piet ZS6AJN attended this meeting.

On the 15 11 1953 a Transmitter built by George ZS6KL and Bert ZS6CH and air tested at ZS6KL was presented to Piet ZS6AJN, who was blind.   (WAS HE EMPLOYED ???? ETC ETC)

Around about this time a meeting was held at the flat of Jannie v d Walt      ( Date? what happened ?)

 Doug Lawson ZS6JN

 Phil Lewthwaite ZS6XH

 Max Picket ZS6LG

 Vic Faulkner ZS6OY

 George Eva ZS6KL

 Len Smith ZS6RP

 Fred Cullen ZS6AGR

 Kel Smith ZS6KW

 Dennis Hugo ZS6US now ZS1UV

 Ben Pienaar ZS6IH

 Ben v d Merwe ZS6AEZ

 Jannie Venter ZS6ZC Secretary

 Theo Sher ZS6AGA

 Johnny du Plessis ZS6AGQ

 Dick Westmacott ZS6AGY ( Handicapped)

 Fred Koonin ZS6AGR

 Les Scott ZS6FU

 Lionel Charles ZS6BJX

The club’s address during this period was P O Box 67 Florida.

Doug Lawson came to live in Discovery in 1949. He joined the branch in 1950, was appointed to the chair in 1955 and held this position until 1960, whereafter he left the West Rand and went down to the Cape Province where he holds the call sign ZS2IA.

Johnny du Plessis’s father designed a honeycomb coil which was so designed that it was self supporting and would not collapse, whereas the Marconi coil could collapse and did!! There was a court case regarding the patent rights but Johnnie’s father proved that his coil was different ???? and he won the case.

Johnny’s father immigrated to S A in 1926. He passed away in 1951. Johnny and his Mother presented a trophy, in memory of his father, called the J L du Plessis membership trophy.

Between 1950 and 1957 the bulletin readers were Jack ZS6OQ, George ZS6KL, Kel ZS6KW, ? ? ZS6IV and ?? ZS6AB. The frequency used was 7040 and later 7150Khz. To this day OM Jack still has the crystals for these frequencies.

From 1954 to 1955 news bulletins were relayed on 80 metres. And from June 1956 to May 1957 again on 40 metres by George ZS6KL

In November 1956 HQ allocated the bulletin frequencies of 3650 and 7066 Khz to the West Rand Branch

The delegate to the SARL AGM held at East London in April 1957 was Cynthia Lewthwaite ZS6ACT. The branch voting strength was 53 at this stage. At this AGM the name of the Merit award was changed to the Jack Twine merit Award.

1958 – Committee consisted of:

Chairman – Des Murrish  ZS6AFR

Vice-Chairman: Max Pickett ZS6LG

Secretary / Treasurer – Claude Pike ZS6WK

Members – Vic Faulkner ZS6OY, Harold Choveaux ZS6ANX, Doug Lawson ZS6JN, Cynthia Lewthwaite ZS6ACT

1959 – Committee consisted of:-

Chairman – Doug Lawson ZS6JN

Vice Chairman – Lionel Charles ZSL6WRJ

Secretary / Treasurer – Cynthia Lewthwaite ZS6ACT

Members – Max Pickett ZS6LG, Bill Beyl ZS6AUV, Claude Pike ZS6WK, Ken Talbot ZS6AVV

April 1961 – Committee consisted of:

Chairman – H.D. Hugo ZS6US

Vice-Chairman – G.T.M. Pickett ZS6LG

Secretary/Treasurer – C.W. Lewthwaite ZS6ACT

Members: K.J. Talbot ZS6AVH, L. Charles ZSL6WRJ and B. Coleridge ZS6CH

After 1961???? interest in branch affairs waned and the branch became defunct. The branch assets were taken into custody by SARL HQ and the members became HQ members.

January 1962 from RADIO ZS: 

Christmas is now almost a month behind us, and we, as a branch, would like to wish all hams, wherever they may be, a prosperous and very happy new year.

We are planning more social events for the New Year and the committe hopes that the braaivleis held at the beginning of this month was enjoyed by all who came along. We appeal to all branch members to let us know what they would like on the social side. Lets see you at the meetings held on the first Tuesday of every month at the Moth Hall, Florid Lake.

We hope to hear you on 7066 Kc/s on Sunday mornings. Any moans and groans would also be very helpful – if they will help us to help you.

Congratulations to OM  Dan Grundlingh on getting his call sign ZS6BEP. We wish him many years of pleasant operating.

We hope that OM Vic Faulkner ZS6OY has as much success with his new final in his SSB rig as he had with the previous one.

The writer hopes to be mobile in the new year.

The BC221 of OM Johnnie van der Watt ZS6AIZ certainly comes in handy on Sunday mornings at Bulletin time. Thanks Johnnie!

Congratulations to Ken Talbot ZS6AVV and his SW on their recent marrage.

OM Les Scott ZS6FU is now back on the air with a brand new rig and quad. Good show, Les.

Cheerio, see you at the next meeting on the 6th February 1962 at 7:45 pm

73, Roy Cotton ZS6AWJ



BY 1955? ? some of the older West Rand hams had moved away from the area and other hams had moved in to the West Rand. These hams met on the air and inevitably the discussions got round to branch activities and technical topics and soon it was realised what an important role a SARL Branch plays. Some of these old and new Hams living on the West Rand decided to affiliate with the newly formed Northern Johannesburg Branch and a group travelled to Paterson Park each month to attend meetings with OM Peter Schmarr ZS6 , Dennis Buckley ZS6 ,Hans van Groenendal ZS6AKV and Company. These meetings proved immensely interesting and enjoyable as the N J Branch Hams worked hard at providing interesting lectures and demonstrations but after many months of travelling to Paterson Park the West Rand hams felt they should be on their own.

Fired by the enthusiam of the Northern Johannesburg Branch they arranged a meeting at the Qth of XYL Francis Lewthwaite ZS6AOG, and OM’s Stan ZS6BLC, Pottie ZS6GW, Lionel ZS6BJX, Ron ZS6BHH, Roy ZS6AWJ, DAAN ZS6BEP, Van ZS6HP, Alan ZS6BLA, Peet ZS6BLB all voted in favour of re-establishing the branch. Frikkie ZS6AAC voted for the formation of a radio club.

On the 20th August 1965 an inaugural meeting was held at the Qth of OM Ron at 24 Georginia St Horison. 14 hams were present. The purpose of the meeting was to establish the branch and to elect a committee. After a lengthy discussion votes were called for and the following adhock committee was elected:- Chairman Ron Caldecott ZS6BHH, Chris Muir ZS6BCT, Peet Maree ZS6BLB and Allen Hean ZS6BLA.

It was decided to start a net on 80 metres (3650 Mhz) every Monday evening at 19h30 to enable all interested hams to be kept posted on developments.

OM’s Alan, Peet and Ron were given the task of contacting the South African Radio League notifying them that we would like to re-establish the West Rand Branch, as well as contacting the rest of the hams on the West Rand. A meeting was held at the Qth of OM Peet in 4 Macmillan St Florida on the 7th Sept 1965 for this purpose.

On the 17th September a meeting was held at the Qth of Francis ZS6AOG in Kingfisher St Horison. 12 members were present with 7 apologies. It was established that 25 hams were interested in joining the branch. The Monday net was to be changed to Tuesdays and the scout halls at Discovery and Roodepoort were mentioned as possible venues.

The next meetings were held on the 15 Oct and 12 Nov at the Qth of Francis, 15 members attended.  On the 19 Jan 1965 the first meeting in the Roodepoort Scout Hall was held with 18 members attending. A letter was addressed to HQ on 24 Jan 1966 advising the SARL that thirty hams wanted to join the branch and that another ten had indicated their interest.

On the 16 Feb 1966 the first Annual General Meeting of the newly resurrected branch was held . 20 members and 7 visitors were present. A letter from HQ agreeing to the re-establishment of a West Rand Branch was read.

OM Phil ? ? ZS6BLE, Chairman of the Northern Johannesburg Branch, took the Chair while the adhock committee stood down and a full committee was elected. The committee was as follows:-

Chairman: Ron Caldecott ZS6BHH Treasurer: Jimmy Powell ZS6AOY, Vice-Chair: Chris Muir ZS6BCT, Secretary: Stan Flack ZS6BLC. Members: Frikkie Meyer ZS6AAC Fred Steynberg ZS6AQJ.

The meeting concluded with a very interesting talk and demostration on RTTY by OM Chris Muir ZS6BCT. The West Rand Branch would like to extend an invitation to all amateurs and persons interested in radio on the West Rand to join our branch and your committee will do their best for you.

We hope to see you all at our next meeting which is held on the third Wednesday of the month at the Scout Hall, corner of Joubert and Kahn Streets, Roodepoort. 73 Stan ZS6BLC

The West Rand Branch was discussed by the SARL Council on the 16 March 1966 and in a letter dated 22 March 1966 they advised us that they were returning our books and that we should contact Reno Faber ZS6OP, as he held the branch assets. Our callsign ZS6WR would, however, have to be re-applied for.

From April 1966 Branch bulletins were once more broadcast on Sunday mornings at 08h00 on a frequency of 3650Khz. The bulletin readers were OM’s Ron, Stan and Pottie. The frequency of 7066 Mhz which had also been allocated to the branch was not used at this stage.

October 1966 – Radio ZS

Hullo everybody, this is ZS6WR of the West Rand greeting you. As you would have gathered by now, we are back in circulation and in full swing again. We have been fortunate enough, thanks to the Postmaster General, to get our licence as well as our old call sign, namely ZS6WR back again.

Since the re-establishment of this Branch in February of this year, we have been going from strength to strength, and the branch can now boast of forty two registered members.

Our monthly branch meetings have been well attended and even on the cold and rainy winter nights we have never had less than a 65% attendance. Well done West Randers, and keep it that way, I can assure you that your Committee find it very gratifying on receiving such wonderful support from you.

We are fortunate to have plenty of “Gen-boys” as members of this branch, with the result we all know a lot more about Satellite tracking, Solid state equipment, Epoxy resin, Inverted V beam antennae, Oscilloscopes and how to apply them, Micro-technique, Two-metre converters and transmitters, RTTY and a host of other subjects. Not bad going for seven months of existance.

The branch started a two metre project, with the result many two metre converters and transmitters were built. The valve and also the solid state versions were catered for and consequently two metre activity has been prevalent on the West Rand. Congratulations OM Ben ZS6ANZ on winning the two metre trophy.

Now that Spring and Summer months are at hand, it is hoped to do some field work and it is possible that in the near future a Mobile or a D.F. project will be in operation.

The branch very successfully established a station at the Krugersdorp Airport during the last Air rally and we wish to extend our thanks to all those concerned, who supplied equipment, accommodation, power, time and help to make this achievement successful.

The branch has located the club transmitter and its associated power supply and we are hoping to get this back into working order in the near future. we appeal to anybody who may be in a position to supply the branch with information that may assist us to locate the West Rand Branch cups and trophies. A swop column was started in the monthly newsletter and has proved very popular. Well OM’s, YL’s and XYL’S if you have anything to swop or sell advise your committee and each insertion will cost you nothing.

Your branch transmits a weekly newsletter bulletin every Sunday on 3650 kc/s at approximately 08:50 SAST, except on the first Sunday of each month when a combined Northern Johannesburg – West Rand Branch bulletin is transmitted in CW on 3650 kc/s and the AM version is transmitted on 3740 kc/s, again these transmissions take place just after the HQ bulletin. We appeal to all members for news items which can be given to your Chairman (763-4330) or your Secretary (762-7994).

Each Tuesday evening your branch runs a branch net on 3650 kc/s at 19:30 SAST so if you wish to test your rig, antenna or what-have-you, we will extend this net to any other band or frequency allocated to Radio Amateur work. You can conduct your tests in either or both official languages, so join in the fun, and we will be hearing from you next Tuesday night.

Your treasurer has ordered a supply of lapel badges and QSL stickers so please let us know what your requirements are.

The Committee wishes to extend their thanks to XYL Francis ZS6AOG for all the assistance she gave with the Afrikaans bulletins.

As a result of a donation of many periodicals the Branch has started a library and any further donations of periodicals and books will be appreciated.

73, Stan Flack ZS6BLC

At the AGM of 15th Feb 1967 held at the Scout Hall Roodepoort 13 members and 3 visitors were present. The following committee was elected

Chairman: Jimmy Powell ZS6AOY Treasurer: Chris Muir ZS6BCT Vice Chair: Willie Krynauw ZS6RQ Secretary: Fred Steynberg ZS6AQJ, Catering: Lionel Charles ZS6BJX, Projects: Theys Lambert ZS6BMD Outdoor Activities: Ron Caldecott ZS6BHH.

At the AGM held on the 21st Feb 1968 held at the Scout Hall Roodepoort 11 members were present. The new committee elected was:

 Chairman :Daan Grundlingh ZS6BEP Treasurer Ron Caldecott ZS6BHH,  Vice Chairman: – - – - – Members: Stan Flack ZS6BLC,  Secretary :J J duToit ZS6516 : Jimmy Powell ZS6AOY,  : Frikkie Meyer ZS6AAC : Fred Steynenberg ZS6AQK, OM Daan ZS6BEP was elected as delegate to the SARL AGM at Stellenbosch

1969 AGM the committee was:

Chairman: Daan Grundlingh, ZS6BEP, Vice: Stan Flack, ZS6BLC, Secretary, Pottie (J) Potgieter, ZS6GW, Treasurer Jimmy Powell, ZS6AOY, Members: Ron Caldecott, ZS6BHH, (W) van Vuuren, ZS6HP, Les Cussins, ZS6-296

Date ///??? Lionel Charles ZS6BJX donated a trophy for the best article published in ‘Anode’ the new branch news letter. Joop Hesp ZS6AZT , a lecturer at RAU, was appointed as Editor of Anode.

In August 19//, slow morse classes were started and transmitted on Tuesday nights on 3650 mhz. 6 Metre transmissions revived on 3/6/1967 between Roger Neilsen ZS6BKX, Chris Muir ZS6BCT, Ron Caldecott ZS6BHH, Roy Cotton ZS6AWJ, Ben Bresler ZS6ANZ,

ON 5 August 19// the Branch members took part in the scout Jamboree on the Air.

The Branch also assisted in the CQ Hou Koers       (dates, details req)

2 Metre transmissions started in 6/7/69 . ZS6BCT, ZS6ANZ, ZS6AWJ callsigns appear in the early logs for these contacts.

A reglular west Rand net was held on AM on 3650 Mhz on monday nights, later on this was changed to Tuesday nights. After June 1971 the net became a SSB net as most members had aquired ssb transceivers.

Chris Muir was a member of the 1969 Antarctic Expedition and many of the branch members had FB Qso’s with Chris. Chris transmitted from the ice using a transceiver and a dipole lying on the ice. From time to time he would break his transmissions to brush ice off his mike. On his return he gave a talk and slide show about his trip.

A meeting was held at the Qth of OM Kees de Haan .OM Wally Browning and ?? ?? adressed the meeting and explained the aims and objects of W R R , some of the West Rand joined the W R R.

The West Rand Award was started in May 1970 and OM Jan Hillege ZS6BMB designed and printed the very impressive certificate. The requirements were 20 contacts with West Rand members and a R1.00 fee with the claim.

The first award was to ZS6RG

The first SSB bulletin was transmitted on Sunday the 15th June 1971. At this time many members came on SSB using Phillips 100 watt 4band Xtal controlled transceivers which were converted as club projects i.e. to AM ,CW, & Ham Bands. Philips were disposing of mobile 100 watt SSB TX/RX rigs and Pottie ZS6GW and Ron ZS6BHH loaded both boots and the interior of Potties VW with rigs which were unloaded at the saltmine of OM George ZS6KL

In 1970, DF hunts were started using 3,650 Mhz. On many a Saturday afternoon residents were startled by funny looking OM’s running around clutching portable radios, jumping into cars and careering off in various directions. OM Stan Flack ZS6BLC was reported to have searched for the Fox in the Maraisburg dumps when the rest of the hunt was searching the Allens Neck area. OM Dirk Beukman ZS6AU installed a beam inside a combi and bounced the signal around Discovery, much to the dismay of the hunters who had to be called in by radio at the end of the day.

In June 1974 the branch members located a large batch of Pye Cambridge Transceivers and spent many happy hours converting them to the Two Meter Band. At this stage the Branch was very active went from strength to strength.

On the 12/9/1976 the West Rand repeater was in operation from the Millsite Mine dump. Ivor Scladek?? developed a repeater with ZS6WR callsign generator. OM Tom Ambrose ZR6GH was very active improving and mantaining the repeater. OM Ivor Designed a very fine 2 M transverter which was built by many hams.



3. Bodenstein Street

 In November 1978, meetings were moved to 71 Bodenstein St Krugersdorp. This Venue proved to be ideal; more or less in the middle of the West Rand region, very cosy with excellent catering facilities – OM Chris ZS6CU and his XYL ? ?- really looked after us.

Around 1977/78 the branch project was a copper DF loop and a DF receiver OM Dirk ZS6AU and ????? were behind this project.

In 1979 many of the members obtained surplus C13, C42, B47, R110, ?? ,?? army equipment



4. The Clubhouse (Old Gallo Centre)

No information available



5. The Pumphouse (Kroton Street)

 Taken from the Radio ZS April 1990 - Author: John Williscroft, ZS6EF

On Saturday, March 24, at 14:00, the West Rand repeater on 145,625 MHz, echoed forth the sounds of excited mobiles making their way to the festivities at the opening of the West Rand Radio Centre.

Permanent club house facilities are very difficult to find particularly when they have to fit into the branch budget. The West Rand branch committee is to be conigatulated on obtaining such a fine facility.

West Rand Amateur Radio Centre is situated in a cul de sac, in a very nice residential area. There is shady parking from trees outside the grounds. Premises consist of a building within large open grounds, ideal for flea markets and braais. This outside area is well suited for the erection of towers and long wire antennas, without risk of annoyance to or complaints from, neighbours. Large trees are situated at the end of the property, as if planned to be antenna poles many years ago.

Club house facilities consists of a brick building with a large room and associated side rooms. A large door gives easy access to the outside. Before the opening, Ron ZS6BHH Keith ZS6AGF, and Dave ZS6ACC worked hard to make the club house ready. Prior to this Charles 7S61M and Herb ZS6CAA joined in to make the club house comfortable, working hard at “fixing” projects.

Festivities to open the new centre consisted of a flea market, followed in the evening with a spit braai. To round off the evening there was the customary beer drinking festival. 50 people attended the flea market and there were lots of Rigs to be bought, frequency generators, and spares to bought.

Excellent food at the braai was in abundance and Dave ZS6ACC is to he congratulated on this fine spread.

In 1957Ron ZS6BHH brought the club back to life after a Iong recess. The club had many venues for its meetings over the years, the last club house was near the Westgate shopping complex. Future social events planned are the year-end party, which in past years has been a childrens’ Christmas tree followed by a party for the adults, normally a braai.

“Anode” the branch magazine is run on a rotating editor system. A schedule is drawn up naming a member as editor for each issue. it is the responsibility of the editor to find a technical article for the month, such as the nickel cadmium charger described in the latest issue by Keith ZS6AGF The committee puts together the branch news and shares ‘the work of mailing “Anode” to members.

Membership has reached 80 and club attendance is at about 40 to 50 per cent. Garth ZS6BXT being keen constructor, runs classes RAE, thus enabling and encouraging young people to become active radio amateurs and members of the Branch.

West Rand Branch committee consists of Sarel ZS6APO Chairman, Keith ZS6AGF Vice Chairman, Cedar ZS61Q Treasurer, Dave ZR6A0C Secretary, Bob ZS6RZ, Garth Z56BXT, Jan ZR6JBV, DaveZS6ACC. A special thank you from the West Rand Committee go to Ron and Dave for their outstanding work.

It is shown that with dedicated a plan, a branch can grow and prosper to the benefit of its members and the local community it serves. Well done West Rand, may you grow in happiness and strength. 




The West Rand Branch is located in The City of Roodepoort with many of its members resident in that City although the catchment area really spans from Carltonville / Westonaria all the way to the suburbs of Johannesburg. This latter is probably due to the close proximity of the clubhouse to the NI Western by-pass.  The Clubhouse is located in the southern end of Kroton Street in Weltevreden Park just off the R47 Tarlton Road (Hendrik Potgieter Drive) and is on the Western side of that road. If travelling along the N1 then the 14 th Avenue off ramp (when approaching north travelling south) must be taken; otherwise the Gordon Road off ramp must be used.

The branch holds its formal meetings as follows:              

  *   1st   Monday   of   the   month-   Committee   meetings   (which   are   open   to   all  members)        

  *   2nd   Monday   of   the   month-   Branch meeting   starting   19:00   for   19:30  

  *   3rd   Monday   of   the   month-   QRP / Construction   group            

  * Every Wednesday evening- RAE training (19:30)

  * Every Tuesday evening – CW training (Morse Code)

  * Every Thursday evening -CW traing on the West Rand Repeater 19:00/20:00

Bulletins are broadcast as follows:

* Sundays 11:30

* Re-broadcast Wednesdays 19:30

Frequencies are:

* 145,025/,625 Mhz FM West Rand Repeater Frequency

* 7,066 Mhz Lower sideband 40 meters

* 51,625 Mhz 6 meter FM

* 439,000 Mhz 70 centimeters FM repeater.

Generally these frequencies are used by the club members when in range of the repeater or if mobile/portable away from home or on special “West Rand Filed Events” . Callsigns which are used by the Branch:

* ZS6WR for bulletins etc

* ZS6RIE Roodepoort International Eisteddfod

* ZS6FRS First Randburg Scouts for JOTA

* ZS6TWS Three Ways Scouts for JOTA

The Branch’s postal address is

S.A.R.L West Rand Branch

P.O. Box 562 Roodepoort


The Branch Annual General Meeting is usually held on the Saturday afternoon as close as possible to the end of June/beginning of July each year. The present  list of office bearers/committee members is as follows:

Chairman                             Philip Conradie                  ZS6CON               

Secretary                             Gill Dorfling                          ZR6GMD

Treasurer                            Des Dorfling                         ZR6DED

Vice-Chairman                 Wally Sime                             ZR6ARX

Clubhouse                          Keith Liddle                          ZS6AGF

Contests                              Clive Carr                            ZS6CLC

Catering Manager            Dave Lloyd                            ZS6ACC

Hamnet/Civil Prot.           Sarel Rossouw                      ZS6APO

Training                                Garth Blain                         ZS6BXT

Bullet ins/Anode              Alan Fransen                         ZS6BIK

Technical                             Johann Van Vuuren           ZS6JVV

                                             John Murdoch                     ZS6MUR

                                             John Forbes                       ZS6AOP


A regular monthly newsletter “Anode” is published and mailed to members and usually done in the first week of each month so as to reach the members  by the second week in time for the branch meeting.


The branch owns, maintains and operates the following repeaters:

* 2 meters: 145,025 Mhz input; 145,625 Mhz output

* 70 centimeters: 431,400 Mhz input; 439,000 Mhz output

Branch Equipment

The branch has both HF equipment as well as a two meter radio available at the clubhouse for use by members. To make use of this please contact one or the committee members so that suitable arrangements can be made.  

In addition to the radios, the antennas, predominantly those for HF (2 element 3 band Quad at +- 18 meters, 40 meter sloper and an 80 meter all band German Quad) are also available for use for those members who do not have the benefit of such antennas at their own location or simply wish to undertake some  experimenting  wi th antennas.

A fully stocked library is also at the disposal of members. This is not a lending library and reserved for use during the times when the clubhouse is open.  For a full list of books available or for opening times please contact the Branch Librarian.

Test equipment is also installed at the clubhouse. Whilst only consisting of a 50 Mhz dual trace oscilloscope, digital multimeter and signal generator it is the intention to add to this list over time so that a fully functional workbench is available to members.




 Minutes of the  Committee meeting held on 3 August 1992


  C. Carr  ZS6CLC, C. Ryan ZS6JQ, N. King ZR6NIC, J. Forbes ZS6AOP, J. Murdoch ZS6MUR, C. Botham ZR6AVA, K. Liddle ZS6AGF, J. SYGO ZS6JON, J. van Vuuren ZS6JVV, D. Cloete ZR6AOC, S. Rossouw ZS6APO, D. Lloyd ZS6ACC, C. Gibson ZR6CG  and P. Conradie ZS6CON   (Arrived later after the NBC meeting)


 R. Godfrey ZS6CBC

Acceptance of the previous minutes  

Accepted after the following amendments were tabled:

- paragraph 6.8: the vhf contest dates should have been 19/20 September instead of (19/20) August

- the advertising policy for anode was not agreed. Clive Carr ZS6CLC would speak to Will ZS6WX     concerning his continued sponsorship of the Anode.

 Matters Arising

Not tabled as the issues would be raised under matters discussed

 Matters Discussed

Introductory Manual

Keith advised that Alan has finished the main document but was now in the process of adding a section on antennas publication and issue would be discussed at a later date

 Fund Raising Letter

Cedar indicated that he was not happy with the approach as whilst it would help the branch in the short term it would not do amateur radio much good in the longer term. accordingly it was agreed that we would table a motion for a council meeting encompassing the following broad principles:

-external, direct fund raising would be controlled by Council

-such fund raising be through the medium of corporate membership of the SARL

-branches who initiate the letters to prospective members should receive a significant portion of the first years fees; thereafter the full amount would be for the account of headquarters. The exact apportionment would have to be agreed by council.

-revised letters would have to be drafted to take into account the new strategy. (Cedar Ryan ZS6JQ to attend to) it was agreed that Clive, Philip, Ray and Cedar would finalise the matter before presentation to council.


Phillip was not present at this stage; the matter is to be held over until the next meeting.

VHF Competition Participation

To help members participate in the next month’s vhf competition it was agreed that the branch would provide members of details of their locator reference as well as their latitude and longitude. After the contest we would also complete their logsheets by computing the score and submitting their log sheets. Keith, Nick, John (ZS6AOP) and Dave (ZR6AOC) would attend to. Cedar is to put something to this effect in the next Anode.

 Anode Sponsorship

We would assess the need for this as time went by. See also the comments made in “matters arising” above. Nevertheless  Ccedar would endeavour to have single edition sponsorship

obtained. The question of arranging preferential prices for SARL members from electronic component suppliers was raised. Cedar to address.

 Future Club Meetings

August: Ray and the Amiga,  video/sound graphics.

              John Sygo (ZS6JON) contest operating techniques

              Locator calculations (Philip)

             Demonstration of digital test equipment (Johan)

September:  Tac  Systems (Johan)

 Civil Defense / Hamnet

Sarel outlined the position expected over the next few days. The revised civil protection list was made available and new names added.  Nick was appointed as the branch representative for Hamnet.  Whilst the meeting for Saturday 8 August may be difficult for him to attend, Clive indicated that an arrangement would be made for someone to attend. Problems still exist for amateur radio operation across town barriers in respect of Hamnet members being called upon by another local authority different to that members civil protection affiliation. Not likely to be resolved by us.

 Youth Training

Efforts have been made in the past but met with little success given the constraints of age/youth and limited age. Dave Lloyd and Chris to design a suitable A3 poster and send it to local schools to put on their notice boards as well as a copy to the Roodepoort Publicity Association.

 Qrp Meetings

The topics of future meetings was debated. Chris to contact Wolf Wagner ZS6KE to talk on RFI  and how to combat it.


Chris Botham confirmed that he had compiled a list of some 900 circuits of which full details could be obtained from him. The idea is to include the list in anode, space permitting.


Clive will address the Roodepoort Publicity Association concerning the insertion of a suitable column in the Roodepoort Record  “forthcoming attractions” . The Publicity Association should also be put on the Anode mailing list. Ray to follow up. Dave Lloyds school poster must also be given to the association. Dave to follow up.

 Senior Citizens Hobby Fair

Will be held over the period 6-12 September 1992 (at the City Hall) under the auspices of the City Parks  Department.  Philip was asked (in his absence) to co-ordinate.

 Purchase of Chairs

The consensus of opinion was that we needed more chairs and some needed repair. Committee members were asked to keep  their eyes open for suitable new ones as well as ones like the existing ones so that the “bodies” could be replaced  easily and at low cost.


Nick King would become the new co-ordinator. Between him and Clive someone would attend the Hamnet meeting at the JARC on 8/8/92. The Sunday Hamnet Bulletin would need to be recorded for our purposes. This arrangement still needs to be confirmed. The committee extended its thanks to Wally Sime  ZR6ARX for his work done on the Hamnet portfolio during the last two years.

 Band Planning

At this stage Philip joined the meeting from the national band planning meeting. Not wishing to pre-empt the discussions at that meeting he asked that we not discuss their work until those minutes were received. Hhowever he did say that repeater frequencies in the PWV are in short supply and that some changes concerning the status of repeaters could be expected sometime in the future. Phillip and Johan to co-ordinate any repeater frequency changes etc.


Johan is working on a portable to be used for field and emergency communications.  The existing repeater would be taken down and re-aligned with the above portable device being subtituted in its place for the duration of the repair work.  The frequency for the portable repeater would need to be agreed by the NBC.


Dave expected to be away for some 5 weeks in the near future. Cedar and Keith to stand in for him during his absence.

 Clubhouse Grounds

Philip asked that a letter be written to the City Parks and Gardens Department to thank them for the trees donated to us which were planted by the retired peoples group. The staff to be addressed are Mr de Waal and Mrs Henriett  Samuels.  Cedar to attend  to.


Cedar reported that the financial position of the branch is healthy and that the subscriptions were coming in at an acceptable pace.  It was felt that an additional Anode account need not be open as he could track income and expenditure quite adequately through the normal branch bank account. However if the need became really pressing then this decision would be re-visited. He also indicated that the treasurers work becomes more involved as the number of accounts escalate. In order to control expenses,  claims would not be paid out or expenses incurred without prior committee approval being obtained to incur the expense. Vat had not in the past being claimed from HQ in future this would be done.  Accordingly if committee members spent money they are to ensure that a full vat receipt is obtained from the vendor.  We are now responsible for the lights and water on the clubhouse. To conserve energy it was agreed that the hot water geyser and pie warmer must only be used when there are  big events at the club and not for ordinary meetings etc .

 Next Meeting

To help with despatching the Anode as well as allowing us time to organise branch meeting activities committee meetings would in future be held on the last Tuesday of each month. The next meeting to be held on Tuesday 25 August at 19:00

Minutes of the Branch meeting held on the 10th August 1992


as per register — 28      Apologies — 9

Previous Minutes:

None as first meeting of the new committee


The Chairman Clive ZS6CLC welcomed all members and visitors and thanked them  for their attendance

Installation of telephone:

The committee had decided to apply for a private line, as a public telephone was not a pliable proposition the private line would be installed in the near future.

Committee Meetings:

The committee meeting would be changed to the last Tuesday of the month this being done to give the Anode a chance to be posted earlier.

Discount on Membership Card Holders:

It was discussed at the committee meeting to approach certain commercial premises to give discount to Club members holding membership cards, the committee would keep members up to date with this idea. Ray ZS6CBC would be issuing membership cards to paid up members with Septembers issue of Anode.

VHF Contest:

An Appeal to all members to partake in this contest which takes place on the 19/20 Sept. Keith Liddle ZS6AGF offered to give anyone their Maidenhead locator. This would be calculated on the computer. The branch would work out the scoring for those who take part in the contest. The West Rand Branch will be taking part as ZS6WR at a venue in Volksrust.

Appeal for Equipment:

Clive Carr ZS6CLC asked club members for assistance in the loan of equipment to aid the setup at the transmitting venue for the VHF contest. Required items are a Rotator, tents, and a generator that could handle the power for the rigs and lighting.

Bicycle Race

Wally Sime ZR6ARX mentioned that the pedal Power Race takes place on the 30th August and asked if anyone could assist in this event to contact him or Nic King ZS6N1C.

Lost Awards:

Cedar Ryan ZS6JQ mentioned that the Trophies for the club had been found and that it needed some one from the club to recieve the trophies on behalf of the club. Cedar also reminded members that branch fees were due and appealed to members to get their subs up to date.


Henk Veenendal ZS6ENK mentioned to the club that CQ HOU KOERS would take place on the 15th August and appealed to members to assist in this venture.


Chris Botham ZR6AVA mentioned that Monday the 17th is QRP meeting and asked members to come up with some suggestions for future meetings. Next week Wolf would be giving a lecture on the subject of interference.


There was a short break then Ray ZS6CBC gave a demonstration on the Amiga explaining how the Amiga can be used for sound and graphic, and video purposes.

There being no further business the Branch meeting was closed.

Ray ZS6CBC Branch Secretary .




Minutes of the Committee meeting held on 29 May 1997


Wally ZS6WAL, Sarel ZS6AOP, Steven ZR6SJK, Dave ZR6AOC, Cedar ZS6JQ, Keith ZS6AGF, Garth ZS6BXT, Chris ZR6AVA, Johan ZS6JVV

Matters arising from previous minutes



Bank Balance R1185.71. Subscriptions to remain at R50.00 for the forthcoming year, any payments received in the intervening period would be taken into account for this year.


Agreed that the June edition would comprise mostly the AGM details. Cedar would attend to it. Would be posted in the middle of June. Eric would in future maintain the clubs data base, including addresses.


Chris reminded Steven to supply the remotes for the alarm system. Carpet in the toilet to be removed and the floor painted. Dave Cloete to purchase the border strip to guard the carpets. Cedar and Chris cleaned up the clubhouse and fixed the backing board onto the storeroom door. Agreed that the clubhouse to be left tidy state.


Dave will purchase the beer etc for the boot sale on the Saturday morning. Dave determined that there were sufficient plastic food containers and plastic cutlery. Wally suggested that Dave Lloyd be approached to make Irish Coffees. Keith to contact Dave.

Prices as follows:

Container                      R 5.00

Plate                              R10.00

Pie                                 R 3.50

Irish (glass)                   R  5.00

Irish (double)                R10.00

Cold drink                     R  2.50

Beer                              R  3.00

Spirits                           R  3.00

Nestle Encore coffee to be purchased (2 x 300 gm). Cream 1.5 litres to be purchased


Wally welcomed Garth to the meeting. Reported a loyal group of 4 members who wrote. The next course will start in the last week of July. The question of succession planning was discussed. The concensus was that it would be difficult to set down a course syllabus. Benbow and Basic Mathematics for Electronics and Electricity (Schaum Outline Series) Garth to supply a master set of pages from the book to enable us to make our own lecture notes. Cedar to approach Andre ZS6AWW to take over from Garth. Eric ZS6EPL would also see if he could assist.

Special Projects

The 1691 transverter is almost complete; awaiting the last MAR2 device. The 70cm TX has been aligned by Dave ZR6AOC and ready for installation. Frequency 439.975 Mhz. The 6meter repeater project has been mothballed due to interference caused to other users. This despite an informal frequency been accorded to us in the past by ZS6CON. Eric is to approach the League to get a proper frequency allocated to us. ZS6LAN has been removed and is not available to us. The satellite equipment from ZS6TJ has similarly dissappeared. Cedar to try to trace it.


The contest rules have been received which will be held in the library. The Field Day rules are as we required.

Public Service Communications

Eric reported back on the HAMNET meeting. The outcome was uncertain. The membership fee now seems to be voluntary. Marc has a large constituency to serve; assistants have been recruited. The Centurion group will ask to be affiliated to South Gauteng and not North Gauteng. SARL membership was motivated by the IARU requirements to have League representation on the emergency services groups. Jan ZS6ARV to develop this at Council. Next Meeting to be held on 10 September. We are awaiting a reply from Council concerning the use of 7,066 Mhz as a HAMNET Utility frequency


The bulletin schedule is as follows:

Date                      Reader                  Recordings        Relays  

25 May                  Eric                          Keith                    Eric  

1 June                   Steven                     Keith                    Eric  

8                            Cedar                      Keith    

15                          Chris                        Keith                    Cedar  

22                           Wally                       Keith                    Eric  

29                           Sarel                       Keith                    Eric  

7 July                     Dave                       Keith                    Eric  

15                           Keith                      Keith                    Eric  


Queries have been recieved from the Dept of Communictions concerning repeater licences. Copies of the correspondance has been filed with the secretary’s records. Agreed that a voluntary donation be included on the membership invoice to pay for a new repeater antenna. Repeater work party Saturday 14 June 08:00 at the tower.

Digital Communications

Dave proposed that we keep the birthday book on file at ZSOHTN. Contest rules to be kept on the BBS once received from Laurie ZS5DL. Dave to investigate upgrading the back bone to 9600 Bd. Cedar to order, club to pay from the donation fund. The required frequency to be obtained.

SARL Headquarters / SAATI / SA Amsat

Cedar is the League’s Treasurer and thus the liaison function continues. Cedar to raise the issue of non reply to certain E-Mail advices.

Meetings / Speakers

Dave reported that apart from the 2 nitwits who got tee shirts, he also got one. Wally reported that the day went fairly well. 21 June is a flying day at Swartkops. Johannesburg is organising a Fox hunt. Date to be advised. 8 June Chris to speak on WXFAX reception.


Cedar to expidite the joining of ARRL. Eric asked if we had his AKG headphones from the VHF Field Day. Johan mentioned the Eisteddfod station. The general concensus was that we await approaches from the organising committee however Wally mentioned that we should approach them to determine their willingness. Sarel and Eric to write to them. Wally is to approach to Marc ZS6MGD to return the Pye Repeater he promised to fix.

Annual General Meeting

The constructors trophy will again be offered to awarding. Certificates to be awarded together with membership of the club for the ensuing year.

Next Meeting 26 July 19:00 at the clubhouse. 




Minutes of AGM – 5th July 2008 (started 12:30CAT)

Proxies of 1 held by Keith ZS6AGF, Apologies from John Brock (Sec)

Minutes of last AGM (July 2007) was read by Chairman ZS60UN as there was no secretary present

Treasurer report by ZS6CRW Craig Woods was read and there was an increase in banked amount and new members, Report attached.

Awards where awarded for the following: 

Ham of the Year – Joop ZS6C

625 award – Greg ZS6JDD

Long service awards to John Brock (anode) and Philipp ZS6PVT (Repeater)

The Chairman then read out his report – see attached

ZR6AOC (Dave) proposed a toast and thanks for all their hard work on behalf of the club.

Seconded by everyone present. – Huge round of applause took several minutes to calm down.

Committee retired

Dave ZR6AOC took the chair for voting.

John Brock was nominated as secretary by ZS60UN and seconded by ZS6C

There where no further nominations and John Brock was made Secretary

Craig ZS6CRW was nominated as Treasurer by ZS60UN no further nominations so ZS6CRW was

made treasurer.

ZS6C Joop Hesp was nominated for Chairman and so was ZS6GRL Geoff Levey.

A vote was taken and ZS6C won and became new Chairman for 2GG8/9, Geoff was then made vice­ chairman by a majority agreement of the floor.

ZS6C (New Chairman) then took the floor and again, thanked the old committee and presented a short speech,

AGM was closed at 13:45CAT and all members retired to a Braai and Beer

Minutes supplied by ZS60UN (Stuart)

Any mistakes in this report are the fault of ZS60UN and no-one else

Dated 13/7/2008


Stuart Baynes (ZS60UN) past Chairman 2007/8




West Rand Amateur Radio Club AGM held on the 4 July 2009

The AGM got under  with a welcome by Club Chairman Joop Hesp ZS6C

I like to express my thanks to ZS60UN, OM Stuart Baynes in his function as former Chairman for the work done, by him and his committee, for the club in the 2007/2008 term. 

Further my thanks to the present committee serving in the 2008/2009 term.

Our motto for the 2008-2009 term of office was Communication.

The tendency in the club was, each individual member of the committee, or club, works for himself and the good Lord will take care of the rest. In stark contrast of this tendency was the lowering of the LP, very nice teamwork especially for the two men, Ron Eva ZR6RON and Phillip van Tonder ZS6PVT, working in the sun on top of the tower.

The Log periodic antenna was sold to ZS6AW OM Danny; unfortunately he pulled out of the deal in spite of numerous efforts of our treasurer. But praise must be given to ZR6AOC OM Dave Cloete, also a former chairperson, to give permission to re-erect the LP, with the statement the longer the LP is on top, the more it becomes the property of the club.

Thanks to Ron Eva ZR6RON  for all the technical assistance and the undertaking for the complete overhaul of the Log Periodic antenna.

Thanks to Phillip van Tonder ZS6PVT for his enthusiastic support of the club. Maintenance of the repeaters, tiling of the toilets’ and adjacent areas, numerous E-mails to the committee etc.

Thanks to Willem Weideman ZS6WWJ for his liaison with the headquarters, his willingness to be the clubs PIO and his efforts to bring the clubs history up to date.

Thanks to Romeo Nardini ZS6ARQ for the Foxhunt organization including the preparation for the kits and assisting with assembling and tuning the Doppler units, further for preparing kits for ZU newcomers.

Thanks to Geoff Levey ZS6GRL for keeping ZS6WR on the map with the WAZS Award, the cycle race (quite an experience), the design of and the organizing the letterhead the badges. The work done by him with Krugersdorp Technical school to help youngsters get acquainted with Ham Radio is also very much appreciated.

Thanks to Craig Woods ZS6CRW for his reorganization of the filing burden into the cabinet, part of his financial task as treasurer, one can find now everything in the right place.  And not to forget his formula 1 performance on the grass mower.

Thanks to last but not least our secretary John Brock for his minituous work, keeping and reading minutes of meetings and the coffee, with muffins and the bar. The Anode, HF and Comps day etc.


Due to the late arrival of the Icasa Account was there a misunderstanding between some members of the committee. The accounts arrived only as late as March 2009 Instead of December 2008. The reason for that was the fact Icasa had changed our PO Box number with the postal code of Roodepoort. After a visit to Icasa, matters were sorted out and the club is now in possession of the following licenses. ZS6WR (the club’s License), ZU9MRO 70 cm repeater, ZU9MMR 2m repeater, ZSOHTN Digipeater. The license of ZS6TWS (Jamboree on the air) was cancelled

Contests :

I would like to express my sincere thanks for those members who participated in the numerous contests especially the field- and HF contests, the Japan international DX-and the CQWW WPX contest, the erection of the antennas, the breakfast and the braai and because of the latter we did very well in the  latest Field day competition, 1st place with close competition of other clubs.

AGM Cape Town:

We had 15 proxies, did not use them because the motions didn’t carry, they were declared as “ultra virus” thus cancelled, and sent back to the drawing board.


We like to express our thanks to ZS6EF OM John Williscroft for being a member of this club and his input, an enormous workload together with his XYL, the Pic courses, balloons and the other RTA happenings, Our congratulations with his appointment by the SARL as technical RTA advisor on their committee.


We like to re-welcome ZS6BUU OM Francois Botha as a member of the club. Francois is the man in charge of Hamnet and the SARLs QSL bureau.

Flea Markets:

Our flea markets are very popular and also financially a success. There was the usual bargaining and some equipment changed ownership. Auctions were held. Also the braai at the flea market was a great success, thanks to our braaimaster. We also registered some new members.

QSL cards

The new QSl card was designed and sponsored by Bell Tower, a graphic design company. ZS6WR does QSL the traditional paper way via the bureau and e-QSl and LOTW electronically.


625 trophy – This trophy goes to ZS6PVT OM Phillip van Tonder for his indefatigable efforts to keep the repeaters running .

Amateur of the year trophy – This trophy goes to ZS6EF OM John Williscroft and a bunch of flowers to his XYl saddled up with a Radio Ham struck with the Hamites syndrome.

APRS: – it was decided that the digipeater will be reinstated, ZS60UN OM Stewart Baynes will do the assembling of the units, while ZS6PVT OM Phillip van Tonder and ZS6JNB OM Willem Weideman (jnr) will install an early warning system which will come in handy in case of power failure, burglary etc.

Building maintenance

The state of our clubhouse is a major concern, the fascia boards are falling off and the gutter at the back is rusted and full of plants, it was decided that we will remove the gutter and repair the rotten wooden construction holding up the fascia boards on the west side of the clubhouse.

I would like to apologize if I have omitted a person or activities in this AGM report. If so it was not done intentionally


Joop Hesp ZS6C

Chairperson of the West Rand Amateur Radio club




West Rand Amateur Radio Club AGM held on the 19 July 2010

The AGM got under way  with a welcome by Club Chairman Joop Hesp ZS6C

I like to express my thanks my thanks to the present committee serving in the 2009/2010 term.  Our motto for the term of office in 2008/2009 was Communication. In our present term 2009/2010 of office the communication has improved somewhat. The tendency in the club is still: each individual member of the committee or of the club, works for himself and does a good job for the WRARC, but doesn’t communicate with other members.  In stark contrast of this tendency is: During the field days we again managed to stay number one (1) in the category of multi_operator stations, in this operation the tents (our rigs) were in communication with each other via a wireless network. While we are trying to move away from the ossewa mentality, it for sure is a fact that one of the main factors that we are number one (1), the preparation of the field day stations and the determination of our operators; ZS6WR was on the air, day and night during the field day.


The club (WRARC) is proud to have four (4) councilors serving the SARl headquarters; 

Thanks to Romeo Nardini ZS6ARQ for the Foxhunt organization including the preparation for the kits and assisting with assembling and tuning the Doppler units, further for preparing kits for ZU newcomers. Not  trough his fault we had only one hunter, in future the club must publicize the event better.

Thanks to Craig Woods ZS6CRW as the financial wizard as treasurer, to keep the club financial healthy, for his linquistic amendment of  the membership renewal  letter. And do not to forget his formula 1 performance on the grass mower.

Thanks to Geoff Levey ZS6GRL and congratulations to the newly appointed councilor, with contest as his portfolio, the WRARC, with Geoff at the helm, is in charge of different contests. Further thanks for keeping our club ZS6WR on the map with the WAZS Award, the upkeep of our website, no mean task I tell you, the cycle race, all on two (2) meters, the new repeater location was very good for communication with the Tarlton race track.

Thanks to Phillip van Tonder ZS6PVT  our secretary for his enthusiastic support of the club. Maintenance of the repeaters, numerous E-mails to the committee, to keep accurately the minutes of the meetings on his laptop.

Thanks to Ron Eva ZR6RON for the technical assistance on the field day which contributed very much to the smooth operating of the wireless network

Thanks to Willem Weideman ZS6WWJ and congratulations with his appointment as councilor of the SARL in charge of the QSL bureau, his willingness to be the clubs PlO and his liaison with the headquarters, representing  the WRARC in PE, his endless efforts to bring the clubs history up to date and to make a new beautiful  Amateur of the year trophy for the club.

Thanks to John Brock for the Anode; already 10 years old, HamComp, an event enjoyed by many of our members, we need however more input from our members in what kind of sessions they are interested in. The Ham Comps meetings needs a lot of preparation so give your request well in advance


Thanks to the members of the club, without them there wouldn’t be a club, for their support


Due to the late arrival ofthe Icasa Account, they arrived only as late as March 2010 Instead of December 2009. Icasa has changed our PO Box number to 5344 and the postal code 1715. After a visit to Icasa, we thought matters were sorted out but the person’s names on the licenses are still wrong. The club is in possession of the following licenses. ZS6WR (the club’s License), ZU9MRO 70 cm repeater, ZU9MMR 2m repeater, ZSOHTN Digipeater.


I like to express my sincere thanks for those members who participated in the numerous contests especially the field- and HF contests, the Japan international DX-and the CQWW WPX contest, the erection of the antennas, the breakfast and the braai and because of the latest we did very well in the latest Field day competition, again Number one but with close competition of other clubs


The special call sign commemorating the Soccer World Cup in South Africa was not allotted to WRAC. A SARL’s website problem prohibited us to use the call. Fortunately ZS6STN very sportingly allowed us to use this call and together we made 5600 contacts of which 5054 were made by the WRARC


The WRARC has now four (4) councillors by the SARL. I like to congratulate the following members of our club


We like to express our thanks to ZS6EF OM John Williscroft for being a member of this club and his input, an enormous workload together with his XYL, the Pic courses, balloons and the other RTA happenings. Our congratulations with his appointment by the SARL as councilor and as technical RTA advisor on their committee


ZS6BUU. Francois is the man in charge of Hamnet

QSL Bureau

ZS6WWJ Willem is recently appointed as councilor by the head office and represented ZS6WR at the AGM in Port Elizabeth.  We had proxies.

Contest manager:

Geoff ZS6GRL is recently appointed as councilor by the head office with contest manager as portfolio

Flea Markets:

Our flea markets are very popular and also financially a success. There was the usual bargaining and some equipment changed ownership. Auctions were held.  Also the braai at the flea market was a great success, thanks to our braaimaster. We also registered  some new members.

QSL cards

ZS6WR does QSL 100 %, the traditional paper way via the bureau and eQSL and the LOTW electronically. The answering of QSL and received cards is up to date the latest bunch went on the 5th of June to the QSL bureau. Backup files are made in * .adi (adif format) (Amateur data interchange format)


At the moment the WRARC presents two trophies. The 625 and the amateur of the year trophy: 

625 trophy – This floating trophy goes again to ZS6PVT OM Phillip van Tonder for his indefatigable efforts to keep the repeaters running. This is not a slight task, interference by adjacent repeaters, talking to Icasa to sort out the problems, but his efforts are much appreciated by the club, users of the repeaters, members and non members alike. One doesn’t realize how much time is involved

Amateur of the year trophy - This floating trophy goes this year to ZS6GRL OM Geoff Levey and a bunch of flowers to his XYL. Geoff has effortlessly used his time to better the club’s image, to improve the clubs website, to attract and introduce more members for the club.

Building and equipment maintenance

The state of our clubhouse is still a major concern, the fascia boards are falling off and the gutter at the back is rusted and full of plants, decided is that we will remove the gutter and repair the rotten wooden construction holding up the fascia boards on the Westside ofthe clubhouse. Unfortunately the arranged date of the repair work party clashed with other activities

The Log Periodic antenna is also a matter of concern. Due to the withdrawal of ZS6AW’s offer the purchase, the antenna’s boom is in the clubhouse and the elements are lying on the ground.

I would like to apologize if I have omitted a person’s or the club’s activities in this AGM report.  If so, it was not done intentionally

And last but not least, with my sincerely meant thanks to the committee members for all the support given to me in my term of office, I hereby withdraw myself from the WRARC’s committee and wish the committee God speed in the future.


Joop  Hesp ZS6C

Former chairperson of the West Rand Amateur Radio club




2011 – West Rand Amateur Radio Club AGM held on the 11 June 2011

 The AGM got under way at 12.10 with a Welcome by Club Chairman Phillip van Tonder ZS6PVT.
Apologies:- Kevin Smith ZR6RTR, Craig Woods ZS6CRW, Phillip Snyman ZS6VKT, JP Venter ZS6JPY, Hennie Venter ZS6BKS, Abrie Vermeulen ZS6SAV, Hettie Botha ZS6MMZ, Willem Weideman ZS6JNB, Anton Oosthuizen ZR6OST, Graham McNally ZS6GPM, Joop Hesp ZS6C
Craig Woods (ZS6CRW) resignation letter read by Phillip. This was accepted, and Phillip thanked Craig for his service to the club
Minutes from 2010 AGM read. This was proposed by Dave Cloete ZR6AOC, and seconded by Chris Botham ZS6CJB
Phillip read his chairman’s report. Highlights from this report included
• Increase in club membership from 38 to 87
• ZS6WR one of the most active clubs affiliated to the SARL.
• Clubs website maintained by Geoff Levey ZS6GRL is always current and relevant
• Clubs continued success at Field day contests
• Jess Hawes ZS6YOT and Heather Holland ZS6YE story about their rescue at sea and the role which amateur radio played
• New Icom IC7200 purchased for club use
• Clubs various boot sales
• Clubs help with ERB and Wilro 100 cycle races
• Clubs recent participation in the SCOPEX event
• Thanks to all the members for their support
Willem Weideman ZS6WWJ requested a copy of Phillips report to be handed to Rassie Erasmus ZS1YT (SARL President)
Financial Report given by Phillip in Craigs absence
• Bank balance was at R 13 876.00
• Last major expense was R9000 used to purchase new Icom IC 7200 for club
• R 3000 paid to bring water and lights account down. This will be resolved with city council
• Phillip went on to discuss the clubs ongoing problems with incorrect lights and water account
• Club had lost money due to theft from club till, which was estimated at R1000.
Awards Presented
Geoff Levey ZS6GRL – For clubs website assistance
John Brock ZS6WL – Anode contributions
Romeo Nardini ZS6ARQ – Club appreciation
Johan van Vuuren ZS6JVV – Club appreciation
Nico Vorster ZS6NJV – Clubs 625 award
Willem Weideman ZS6WWJ – For club promotion
Viv Wells ZS6CAA – Life membership award
Rory Crouch ZS6RBJ – Club Appreciation
Phillip van Tonder ZS6PVT- Radio amateur of the Year Award
Keith Liddle ZS6AGF – Club appreciation
Roy McKay ZS6RLM – Club appreciation
Election of new committee
Nominations received and the following club members where elected to committee all with 25 votes
Phillip van Tonder ZS6PVT  - Chairman
Geoff Levey – ZS6GRL – Vice Chairman
Dave Cloete – ZR6AOC Treasurer
Rory Crouch – ZS6RBJ Secretary
Co Opted membership
John Brock ZS6WL –  Anode and technical support
Heather Holland ZS6YE and  Jess Hawes ZS6YOT – PR
Romeo Nardini ZS6ARQ – Technical Support and Fox Hunt
Nico Vorster ZS6NJV – Club house manager
A Kenwood 2m radio donated by Henk Veenendal ZS6ENK was given to Heather and Jess for use.
A proposal to raise club membership fees from R100 to R150 was made. All 25 votes in agreement.
New club membership R150.
ZS6GRL – Thanked everyone for their support
ZS6WL- Thanked Phillip and committee for their service
ZS6JBG – Thanked everyone at club form making he and his wife feel welcome and for the assistance
ZS6AGF – Thanked club for a good year
ZS6JVV – Thanked for the trust and confidence in electing him to committee
ZS6LOL- Thanked club
ZS6DVV – Thanked club
ZS6NJV- Thanked club for its support
ZS6NCK – Thanked club and wished new committee good luck
ZR6FDM – Congratulated new committee and proud member of club
ZS6CJB – Wish committee good luck and thanked club
ZR6AOC – Well done to previous committee for the achievements
ZS6ARQ – Club and committee achieved a lot. Strong leader in Phillip and likes seeing club work together to     achieve goals
ZS6YOT and ZS6YE- Thanked committee and club for radio and the welcome which they received.
ZS6WP – Enjoyed the flea markets, and thanked club.
6 August 2011

OM Joop ZS6C

I believe Oom Joop is making good progress following his operation.

Last I heard he has been moved to a general ward.

Tree Planting at the Club

As special thank you to Johan ZS6JVV and Dirk ZS6DVV for arranging and collecting the indigenous trees donated to the club by Om Abe Grove’ ZS6BMX.  Nico ZS6NJV also donated trees saved from doom after a relocation. These tree will be planted in 2 weeks time on the 27th August . Please be part of this special day.

RAE Training

The RAE training has started and it is hart warming to see the effort put in by the lectures.

Well done all.

Club 2M Yagi antenna

Thank you to Johan ZS6JBG for the donation towards materials purchased to construct a long 2M Yagi for the upcoming VHF UHF contest.

The same gratitude to Johan ZS6JVV for arranging the and colleting the materials. Big Thank you to Roy ZS6RLM for the construction and time spend on the antenna. Can’t wait to roll in the QSO’s

EPR Cycle Race 13 August 2011

The Cycle race is again the ideal time to test your equipment and take out the braai or picnic basket. Rory ZS6RBJ and Myself ZS6PVT will be at control station operating on the 145.625 MHz repeater and HF 40m as always. The 70cm Cross band  repeater will again be running at 433.625 simplex. This repeater give perfect coverage in Magaliesburg and Orient. Also try the reveres repeater function to talk direct to the base as a alternative to working via the repeater.

80m Contest

Thank you for all the log’s received. The participation by club members was as always fantastic. Thanks to everyone.

Let’s get  our self’s organized for the Digital and CW leg of the test.

Please feel free to ask should you need assistance with the digital side.

VHF UHF Contest

Thank you to Johan ZS6JVV for the arrangements already made and securing the site as well as the camping arrangements. Have a look at the photos on our webb site www.zs6wr.co.za. Please book your camping spot as soon as possible with Johan.

VY 73

de Phillip ZS6PVT




West Rand Amateur Radio Club AGM held on the 7 July 2012

 The AGM started with a welcome by Club Chairman Phillip van Tonder ZS6PVT.

 I would like to start off by thanking everyone who took the time and interest in the club to join us at the clubs 56th AGM. Further my appreciation also to the committee who served in the 2011/2012 term. It’s with pride and great pleasure to present the annual chairman’s report for the past year 2011 to 2012. 


ZS6WR club membership  has held steady at round 84 and as of yesterday the current membership stands at 38 paid up members.


The theme for the previous year was called “radio activity” and encouraged members to be more active in the hobby. This was extended and all efforts were made to reach a higher and more purposeful hobby. This was done by support to our members, encouragement was given, advice was handed out and new avenues were explored. You will find that the West Rand Club is one of the most active clubs in South Africa. During any of the local contests the West Rand Club members feature with a strong presence and clean sophisticated operation. 

The West Rand Club has the most members registered for LOTW and encouragement and support is given to all to achieve other accreditations such as Top Band and WAZS awards. Again the West Rand members have excelled with this. In the process a unique way was found to register members for LOTW (Log Book of the World) by Geoff Levey ZS6GRL. Geoff has assisted several members of this club as well as others with their registration.

Geoff obtained his Digital and Mixed DXCC and keeps on encouraging other members to obtain theirs as well. As far as my knowledge goes,  Geoff is the first club member  to obtain such a prestigious achievement as a DXCC. Well done on your efforts Geoff.

Club House

 Efforts were made to improve the club house. This started last year with the repainting of the main area and followed up by the painting of the bathrooms.  A great effort to get rid of unused and obsolete equipment was also made. Nico ZS6NJV surprised everyone with the display shelves he fitted one week suddenly. Replacing the old and very dusty curtains with the innovative shelving was a blessing.  Johan ZS6JVV also pitched in and secured a substantial donation of indigenous trees. The trees were planted and it was said that we will return as old timers and spend time together under these trees  in the shade.  The year long battle against the ants nesting in the club was unfortunately lost,  and it will be up to the next committee to try again.

Highlights of the past year:


It is with pride that I can announce the RAE course was presented in October 2011 and delivered 5 certified Hams from the 8 candidate lectured. This came after more than 10 years of not presenting any RAE training. All efforts will be made to continue with the RAE as well as other training to better and further our hobby. Successful Candidates: Evert  Haywood  ZS6EPW,  Paul Bester  ZS6ZOO, Herculaas Wallace  ZS6HFW,  Pereko Setia ??  

Club House clean and revival – continued.

The club house and grounds  received a major clean up with the radio room now also painted and new blinds installed on the windows. All the unused and unwanted items were sorted and the shelves and displayed items were  cleaned. The planted trees have all taken growth and promise to give tremendous shade for many boot sales ahead.

Contest Results 2011 – 2012

SARL HF Contest SSB + CW - Both modes combined 1st place 

SARL QRP Contest –  4th Place

80M Club Contest - 1st place

HF Field Day Contest - 1st Place

VHF UHF - 1st place – Club Station

Contest Results 2012 – 2013

HF Field Day Contest (Feb)1st Place

80M Club Contest – After 3 of 6 legs - 1st place in the lead with a record 133 points

Club Boot sales.

With the persistence of the tried and tested format the club boot sales have once  again became popular with vendors and  visitors alike. Several compliments have been received from far and wide about the opportunity for hams to meet, socialize and trade, often to put a name to a call signs or to collect equipment ordered.  A special effort was made to approach the commercial vendors and the clubs market has now got a big following and became the favorite and preferred market.

Relay of Clubs Bulletins and rebroadcast.

The club bulletin can now be heard on HF. This is due to the efforts and forward thinking of Romeo Nardini ZS6ARQ. Several distant members can listen and join in. This also gives members on holiday a chance to listen and call in with reports. We heard Johan ZS6JVV from Margate last weekend with his FT-817, a Zip Whip running only 5 watts. Several attempts have paid dividends and the bulletin can now be heard on the clubs 70cm repeater as well as recorded and replayed in several formats of audio files. I would like to encourage others to also take up the challenge and to record or rebroadcast the bulletin.


A large easy to erect Gazebo was acquired. This proved to be a worthy investment as it can be seen at the Field day contest, Boot sales, Cycle races and other events


The club was nominated and received the following trophies:

80m Club contest.   

Club participation.

This was one of the highlights as these trophies are a reflection of the Club and the dedication of its members

Jack Twine Awards

The following members were nominated for a Jack Twine award for their service to the club and tremendous effort as a radio amateur.

Dave Cloete – ZR6AOC

Phillip Van Tonder – ZS6PVT

Geoff Levey  – ZS6GRL

Willem Weideman  - ZS6WWJ

Romeo  Nardini  – ZS6ARQ

 SARL Council

 The West Rand still feature strongly with 3 club members as councillors. Geoff Levey – ZS6GRL, Willem Weideman – ZS6WWJ, Francois Botha – ZS6BUU

The following tasks are set out for the new chairman and committee.

Repeater upgrades, link and repairs planned

New constitution in line with the suggested framework drafted for clubs by the SARL

Compliance with the SARS requirements for social clubs

 The club will again present a RAE course starting in July for the October exam

Jota operation

Continue the effort to improve and maintain the club house

Thank you once again to every member for their support in making ZS6WR a great Club. I would like to apologize if I have forgotten  anyone or activity in this AGM report.  If so it was not done intentionally

Best and a warm 73’s!

Phillip  - ZS6PVT

Chairperson of the West Rand Amateur Radio Club 2011 – 2012




Maintenance on the Club House was undertaken. 

Sliding gate at the entrance was installed. This big job was undertaken by Johan van Vuuren ZS6JVV, Dirk van Vuuren ZS6DVV and Phillp van Tonder ZS6PVT and others. It turned out to be a mammoth task and was completed in about a month, working Saturdays only.

The security gates, inside and outside received a fresh coat of paint.

Burglar bars were painted

The perimeter fence was fixed and the holes fixed  and top strands were tightened.


West Rand Amateur Radio Club hosted the SARL AGM

Friday 26 April

18:00  Welcoming event at the West Rand Amateur Radio Clubhouse - Speaker – Kenny Neville from West Rand Astronomy Club

Saturday 27 April

08:00 – The SARL AGM held at Sulla Via Conference Centre

14:00   Visit to the SANSA Space Operations at Hartbeeshoek

19:00 - SARL Awards Dinner  at Sulla Via - Guest speaker: Dr Anthony Turton (ZS6CST)



Anode:- It’s been a while now since the last Anode was printed or emailed to members.  A decision  was taken some time ago to publish the Anode in electronic format on Blogspot.com (http://wrarc-anode.blogspot.com/ ). This has not been a great success. After putting in a huge amount of effort over the last few months or should we rather say, many years, John Brock ZS6WL has finally decided to retire from the Anode and spend more time with his family. I would like to take this opportunity to thank John, ZS6WL, for all the effort he has put into the Anode over the years. His dedication and passion will be missed.

Nick Dreyer ZS6NCK and myself, have decided to take up the challenge, as joint editors, of Anode. At this stage, we will publish the Anode every second month in PDF format, which will be emailed to all its members. This will give us time to collect articles and collate the magazine.

The success of Anode, is going to depend on you the member.  We need articles on a regular basis, so if you are working on a HAM radio project, be an antenna, audio/CAT interface, or any other project or article you find interesting , please email it to either Nick or myself.  All ideas and suggestion will be welcome. Looking forward to receiving your input.

New Members: I would like to welcome the following new members. Alex Fladung, Koos Greyvenstein, Mark Riley, David Fourie, Fritz Schenker, and Stuart Wason. We wish them a happy and long standing association with WRARC.

RAE:  The RAE is running well at this stage with eight students. We will be joining the Sandton club for a revision session. Dates will still be determined. There is a possibility that the Sandton and West Rand clubs will use one venue for the examination centre. The West Rand Club House has been registered as an examination centre with Noel Hammond ZR6DX as the registered invigilator. Greg Maynard ZS6NY is the registered invigilator for the Sandton Club. We will combine our efforts to assist all students. We will soon be planning the next RAE to start mid June 2014.

John Brock ZS6WL sharing his knowledge

Boot Sale 1st March:  Not even the rain could dampen the Ham Spirit for the Boot Sale.  It was well attended. New friends were made and old friendships became stronger. All and sundry enjoyed the outing.

2014 Wilro Lions Cycle Challenge (April): The Wilro Lions Cycle Challenge will take place on Sunday the 6th of April 2014. Some may wonder why we as radio amateurs are involved in some- thing as a cycle race. Our main purpose is to provide a communication network during the race. The network relays information on the progress of the race as well as alert emergency services on inci- dents that may occur. The quick information flow allows emergency services to respond very quickly to such occurrences. Participants feel a lot more comfortable knowing that there is support should they need some help. Those who are available and would like to assist please give your names to Geoff Levey ZS6GRL. Book your spot on the map, dust off your HF and VHF mobile rigs and join the West Rand club in providing much needed support for the competitors.


Kevin Smith ZS6KVN                 Rory Crouch (ZS6RBJ) and Phillip van Tonder (ZS6PVT)                                       Nigel Burgess ZR6NGB

Club AGM: The club AGM will be held on Saturday the 12th July 2014. So please diarise this date. Date:  12th July 2014: Venue:  WRARC club house: Time:  12:00: Please rsvp the secretary as follows: r6dx@iafrica.com or zs6wr.club@gmail.com

 POP’s  corner: All the POP’s (Poor Old Pensioners) meet on a Wednesday morning at the club house around 10h00. All pensioners welcome to join. The committee of the WRARC kindly gave permission for the club premises to be used by the old timers for a weekday meeting starting in November 2013.OM Dave Cloete ZR6AOC organised keys and the show was on!!The first meeting took place on the 21st of November 2013 with Roy McKay ZS6RLM, Cliff Smyth ZS6BOX, Keith Liddle ZS6AGF and Joop Hesp ZS6C (for a short while) attending. We decided that the club would be opened at 10 am and closed when “yours truly”  Keith  was  able  to  evict  the  last  reveller (usually 3 pm). The rest of the rules would be left to   the   attendees   requiring   only   that   normal WRARC behaviour would be followed. Thus far no gross breaches of this arrangement have occurred and we have played amateur radio and friendly discourse  to every ones satisfaction. We  started meeting on Thursdays but soon changed to Wednesdays. Please remember that you don’t need to be a pensioner to attend and even club membership  is not a  requirement  ,we will twist your arm to join later!! To date, apart from lively conversations and coffee drinking, we have had Tony Voorveld ZS6CCD repairing radios and  mentoring,  all  manner of equipment being repaired and made, antennas being erected and used to  make contacts and  if that  is not enough we do some bird watching. PLEASE join us and  bring  some lunch  if you will be  staying over  lunch  time.  Average  attendance  is  around 7. For further details contact Keith Liddle ZS6AGF  Tel: 0836497496

We have had a really busy month at the club, with lots of events happening over the last few weeks. To name a few: the RAE is in full swing and nearing the end; the Wilro Park  Cycle race on the Sunday the 6th April; the SARL AGM on the 12th April, where Geoff Levey, ZS6GRL, our club Chairman was elected the SARL president; the Quad  antenna repair, done on Saturday the 19th  of  April;     the  QRP  field  day,  run  by  Romeo, ZS6ARQ, and his team on the same day; and the   VHF Long Distance communication talk by Dick Coates, ZS6BUN, on the 26th of April. I would like  to wish the RAE candidates all the best for the up coming  examination on the 15th of May.  We are really looking forward to hearing you on air, with your new call signs. Geoff, you have done us all proud, on behalf of all  the WRARC members, we wish you a successful term as the President of the South African Radio League. Hope to hear you all on the airwaves.

Geoff Levey ZS6GRL – With the SARL Chain of Office

Quad  antenna repair, done on Saturday the 19th  of  April; The Quad antenna was repaired on Saturday the 19th  April.  It  was absolutely fantastic  to  see the turn out of members who lent a hand. The tower was lowered by Johan van Vuuren ZS6JVV and his son  Dirk ZS6DVV. Upon inspection, the problem was quickly ascertained. Who would have guessed – a broken wire!  The wire was quickly repaired by Nic van Duffelin ZR6AEZ and Dave  Cloete ZR6AOC . Once raised, Nic ZR6AEZ  used his analyser to check the return losses, which was minus 9dB. Thanks to all those who pitched in and helped.


QRP contest 19th April: Romeo Nardini, ZS6ARQ, and  his team  went to the local park near Rand Ridge Mall  and set up the WRARC QRP  station.


QRP Station                                                                                                                  Romeo Nardini ZS6ARQ at the helm

Romeo ZS6ARQ, Dave ZR6AOC, Pereko ZS6PS, Rory,  ZS6RBJ    and  Kevin,  ZS6KVN  operated  the QRP  station and   managed to  work over 50 stations.  Well done, guys.

VHF/UHF  long distance communication. Talk by Dick Coates ZS6BUN Saturday 26th April

The reality is that most hams – and West Rand hams are no exception – see VHF and UHF largely as a short range, repeater linked area. Thanks to OM Dick Coates (ZS6BUN), this perception will hopefully change. During his 90 minute talk during which he revealed the excitement and satisfaction that long-range DX could provide, he certainly in- spired me to the point where I have a VHF amplifi- er on its way from the United States and a multiple high gain Yagi array will hopefully soon be in place. I think most of us who attended the talk at the West Rand club were astonished at the revela- tion that regular contacts between Johannesburg and Cape Town, Bloemfontein and Durban were possible on VHF with fairly simple equipment and some tenacity. Our thanks to Dick for travelling all the way from Nigel to share his insight and knowledge into this most exciting area of operation.   Gerry, ZS6GER



Noel Hammond ZR6DX



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