RAE Antenna building day

2019/11/09 @ 09:00 – 13:00

Its Antenna build day at the ZS6WR club again on 9 November 2019 starting 9h00. The main aim of this day is to give the novices a chance to build an antenna and to be on the air soon after receiving their new call signs. This build is not limited to novices or RAE candidate but open to all who are in need of a antenna.

The HF Bazooka antenna has proven to be reliable, broad band and quite on its reception, better than a wire vertical or inverted V. The antenna  does not need a Balun or current transformer.

The club uses the Bazooka antennas in the QRP and the Field day contests with fantastic results every time. The Newbie Sprint 2019 won by Brad ZS6WWW and the Youth sprint won by Jaen ZR6RZ were both done using the  Bazooka Antennas built at the previous antenna build day. Alister ZS6S has achieved a DXCC award by using a bazooka built at the club.

The VHF / UHF antenna is a basic dipole consisting of a perspex frame that can easily be mounted on a pole or structure. It also folds up very small for storage and is ideal for a temporary or field type antenna to be kept in your vehicle. It is a great improvement over the standard rubber antenna on a portable radio.

All the antennas are completed on the day and tested. Additional accessories, cable and advice will be on hand. To order your antenna complete the order form attached and mail it to zs6pvt@gmail.com as soon as possible to include the proof of EFT payment to the club. Last day for orders and paid will be 6 November.

Pancakes will be available on the day. A fire will be lit for a bring and braai lunch.


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