When the call went out for clubs to apply to use this callsign (ZS10WCS) our application went missing due to a hiccup in the system.
To say the least, we were extremely upset that this occured. Sandton ARC (ZS6STN) was approached to see if we could not share the callsign with them and thankfully they agreed to our request. Our thanks go to the Sandton ARC for giving us this opportunity.
Finally the month of March approached and we all got ready to start operating ZS10WCS.
If any ZS6WR member would like to operate this callsign, please contact Joop (ZS6C) or Geoff (ZS6GRL).
So far the following members have been operating since the 1st March .
CW – Joop (ZS6C)
Phone – Roy (ZS6RLM), Keith (ZS6AGF) and Romeo (ZS6ARQ)
PSK – Geoff (ZS6GRL)
RTTY – Philip (ZS6PVT) is starting on the 7th March
The number of contacts made  as at 00H00 31st March
CW – 2964
Phone –   565
PSK31 –   671
RTTY –   835

Total number of QSO’s as at 00H00 31st March = 5044

Sandton as at 00h00 31st March                      =  819

Considering that the TOTAL number of contacts made from September 2009 to February 2010 was 4010, shows what an achievement the club accomplished.
I think the other clubs are going to battle to improve on our score.
Once again, many thanks to all who were involved in achieving this milestone.